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PeKo - Panzer III on the Battlefield 2 World War Two Photobook Series Volume 18

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Tuesday, August 7, 2018
PeKo Publishing Kft.
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Frank Froment

Panzer III on the Battlefield 2

World War Two Photobook Series Volume 18


This is Volume Number 18 of the WWII Photobook Series published by Peko Publishing Kft.  The author is Tom Cockle. The captions are in English and Hungarian. The photos from the book are from Peter Kocsis, Karlheinz Munch, James Haley, Thomas Anderson, Mirko Bayerl, TsAMO, SLUB Dresden and NARA. At the time of this review the book was available for preorder only.  


  • Hardback rectangular 12 x 8.5 inches
  • 112 pages of glossy paper with black and white photos and captions
  • All captions are in English and Hungarian
  • 103 Photos of various Panzer III's and variants

Now for the good stuff.

This book has some amazing photos of Panzer III variants. In the introduction Mr. Cockle discusses the many design and production phases of the variants of the Pz.Kpfw. III to suit the specific needs of the German Army during WWII.  Discussed are the Fuhrerkampfwagen, the various versions of the Panzer Befehlswagen, the Tauch Panzer and the Panzerbeobachrungswagen.  Here are some examples of the photos fond in this book.

 This PZ III F got caught in water that was just a little too deep.




 A PZ III J in winter camo and wide WinterKetten Tracks.


 A nice shot of a PZ III M getting an overhaul.  This would make for a great Diorama.


 Loading a PZ III G TauchPanzer onto a trailer.


 High Spirited German Soldiers waiting for assistance to get this PZ III G unstuck.


 A brand new PZ III D1 command tank with its crew.


 A PZ III H Command tank under guard.


 Now this would definitely make a great diorama!!  "Look Comrades one Hand" 


 A destroyed PZ III FlamPanzer.


 This the back cover showing a destroyed Panzer III being inspected.


This is a great book with some high quality photos of various versions of the Panzer III.  There are combat photos,  photos of destroyed PZ III's as well as various others photos including crew and maintenance photos. Tom Cockle did an outstanding job authoring this book and describing the photos.  I would definitely recommend this book not only to modelers, but to others as well.  There are some interesting photos and easy reading.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Peko Publishing Kft for this review book.

Reviewed by Frank Froment


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