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Panther: Panther and Jagdpanther Units The Eastern Front From Operation Bagration to Berlin Part 3

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Monday, July 16, 2018
Bookworld Publishing
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Joseph McDaniel

Panther: Panther and Jagdpanther Units - The Eastern Front from Operation Bagration to Berlin Part 3


 Dennis Oliver and Stephen Andrew have published part 3 of their history of Panther and Jagdpanther units on the Eastern Front during the last year of World War II. The 33-page, 8.5" X 11" book contains 28 black and white photos, 16 full color vehicle drawings, and five full color crewman drawings, as well as an organization chart for a typical independent Panther brigade. It is to be hoped, that having finished with the Eastern Front, the modeler can expect to see forthcoming books on Panthers and Jagdpanthers in Italy and the Western Front.

Although I've only built one Panther - Aurora's back around 1965 - I found this history of Eastern Front Panther units very helpful for someone who knew next to nothing about these units. The sections are laid out in a logical and easy to understand format, and the authors have packed into this 33-page book a surprising amount of information about the organization of the different types of units, which type and how many vehicles were assigned, where the unit fought, and (usually) was destroyed in the desperate battles against the Red Army. Together with the color plates of vehicles and crewmen, the modeler will gain a good idea of the types of camouflage and unit markings applied between January - May 1945 to Pz.Kpfw V Panther Ausf. Gs and Jagdpanther V in Eastern Germany, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and the final battle in Berlin, as well as very nice depictions of the different uniforms worn by crewmen in the Heer, Waffen-SS, and Fallschirm-Panzer-Division Hermann Göring.

The review copy's page 1 and 2 was torn in transit, but some tape fixed that. The book's contents are broken down into:

Contents Page and Introduction


The Named Formations of the Heer


The Independent Panzer Brigades


The Panther Battalions of the Waffen-SS

Vehicle Profiles - 14 PzKpfw V Panther Ausf. G, two Jagdpanther V

The nicely rendered color plates have brief captions describing the vehicle model, unit (if known), and date/area of operations, along with comments on camouflage, markings, and unusual characteristics. Some are accompanied by small B&W photos depicting the vehicle in the color plate.


Although the book's sub-title is Panthers and Jagdpanthers, only two Jagdpanthers are rendered in the color plates, and almost no mention of them in the text, mostly noting which units were allocated them.  In the last five months of the war, Jagpanthers may have simply not been available in any great numbers - certainly not in the numbers needed to halt the Red Army. Perhaps the first two parts of this series depicted more Jagdpanthers?


 Uniform Plates - two SS troopers, two Heer troopers, one Fallschirm trooper


Fallschirm-Panzer-Division Hermann Göring


Back Cover


Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders interested in the Panther, especially on the Eastern Front.

For Danny Egan's review of Panther: Panther and Jagdpanther Units The Eastern Front - From Operation Bagration to Berlin Part 2, please see

Thanks goes out to Bookworld Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Joseph "Mac" McDaniel


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