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AK Interactive - D.A.K. Weathering Set for Africa Korps Tanks
Kit Name: AK Interactive - D.A.K. Weathering Set for Africa Korps Tanks  Manufacturer: AK Interactive 
Kit Number: AK068  Retail Price: $17.85 USD 
Scale: N/A  Release Date: Friday, April 1, 2011 
Review Date: Friday, January 20, 2012  Reviewed By: Glen Martin 

D.A.K. Weathering set for Africa Korps Tanks
 With the never ending desire by most armor modelers to model Desert Africa Korps subjects from World War II, AK-Interactive-USA has come up with a very convincing weathering system that can help the average modeler pull off a very beaten and well worn looking model.  In this weathering set, you are provided with three products that when used in a series, can produce a nice D.A.K. Vehicle.  This process requires patience and a set pattern for pulling this off which I will attempt to lay out in steps.  What is required is time and an attention to detail to make this work.
The weathering set contains three (3) 35ml bottles.  These bottles are:
Africa Korps Filter
Africa Korps Wash
Streaking Grime for Africa Korps vehicles
At $17.85 USD, the price is very affordable for these enamel based products.  As with most weathering products, a little of each of these really does go a long way.  For demonstrating how to use this weathering set, I have built a SdKfz 222 Scout Car in 1/48th scale.  This model is the re-box of the old ICM production but with a new sprue for the detail parts as well a small PE fret that contains the anti-grenade screens that fit on top of the turret.
Shown above, the bottles are very nice.  The labeling and packaging is far superior than a lot of products from other competitors and they are leak proof.  The size of the bottles are 35ml.


I decided to paint the vehicle a base color of Panzer Grey.  This would show off chipping effects that I would incorporate into the weathering of the vehicle.

With this photo, you can see how I used a hairspray product to help me "relieve" the desert DAK from the panzer grey.  This gives me the base weathering look that I'm looking for, a very well worn weather beaten vehicle.  After applying the decals and sealing them up with Vallejo Matt Medium, I allowed the vehicle to set for several days to "cure".  What I wanted to make sure was that if there was a chance that the enamel based product in the weather set had had the time to set.  What I tried to avoid was any interaction between my Matt Medium and the filter that I would apply next.
At this point, I applied the Africa Korps Filter.  It is a rich, almost Orange looking enamel mixture.  It is very thin.
At this point, I applied a second layer of the filter.  Looking at the vertical hull plate just to the left of the spare tire, you can see how rich it adds a "orange" tone to the overall tan color.   Proper use of this filter can make different panels appear to be richer in color where as horizontal surfaces would fade when exposed to long periods of sunlight.  Care must be taken however to make sure that you do not "pool" the filter, much like a wash in the crevices and recesses.  Once this dried, I then sealed this filter on the entire vehicle with more Matt Medium.
Once the filter had been sealed with Matt Medium, I turned to start using the Africa Korps Wash.  The wash is a dark brown wash, much like an artist oil wash of burnt umber.  It is very thin, again, taking care not to look up the wash as it's very thin and will flow everywhere.  I applied it to all nooks and crannies and let this set for about an hour.  I then came back and directed a moistened brush to remove the tide marks from the washed areas.  Can you see how the filter and wash add depth and richness to a rather two dimensional model?
Once the wash had been applied, I turned to the streaking grime.  This grime is a color that will simulate fuel spills and it can be applied with a brush to show leaking.  In the above photo, I wanted fuel stains to be seen on the rear vertical plating. I drew this down the vehicle with a small fine brush.
Here, you can see how all the elements of the D.A.K. Weathering set are starting to come together.  The use of the weathering set gives the modeler the chance to add depth and richness to the look.  I think you can see why I wanted to add a certain degree of "chipping" to my model.  That, and the fact that it's been weathered, has only added to the realism of the model look.
In this photo, the exhaust area has NOT been toned down from the rust application.  However, you can see how this model, which is about an inch and half long, can look more realistic with the proper application of the D.A.K.Weathering set.


I love the look!
I found that the weathering process really does not "disturb" the "cured" AK-Interactive Filter or the Wash.  Both products are very forgiving and are of high quality.  When you use this product, the quality really does make applying it very simple, hence my view on forgiving.
1)   Product is enamel based.  Since I paint with acrylics, I didn't have to worry about interactions
2)   Product is finely refined meaning, the ingredients are first rate and not something off someone's kitchen counter!
3)   Product is forgiving to use.   If I can do it, certainly others can.
4)   Product price is affordable which saves me money!
1)   Product does not come with any instructions.
2)   Product does have a slight smell to it, nothing over-powering however.
With SINCERE thanks, I want to tell Iain Hamilton of AK-Interactive-USA, "Thank you for coming up with a boxed set that the modeler can use to get a very good looking D.A.K. model vehicle".  
This weathering set is VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all modelers!  If you are riding the fence on whether or not to try this product, I would say that the product is very easy to use.  As always, try new products from any vendor on a test subject first to ensure that you understand how to use the product so you can be very happy with the results.  I tried it and I loved it!  I'm most happy I got the chance to review this set.  Additional information concerning this product or additional outstanding weathering products that AK-Interactive-USA has for you, visit their website at:
Highly Recommended!
Thanks to AK-Interactive-USA for the sample weathering set.
Glen Martin
AMPSCV-Richmond, VA
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