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2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Armor Model Preservation Society


Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes





10 May 2016



SUBJECT:  Minutes from the Annual General Meeting

1.  Background.  The Armor Modeling and Preservation Society, Inc., or AMPS, was founded in July 1993. Since that time, AMPS has grown to over 700 members worldwide. Although AMPS's main function is as a modeling club, it is definitely a different type of modeling organization compared to IPMS or other mainstream groups. AMPS has a Constitution and Bylaws to govern how it is run, and the AMPS judging system rewards individual effort using a point system to minimize subjectivity.

2.  General.  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually to provide an organizational status update to AMPS members.  Topics of discussion include updates from the President, First Vice President,  Regional Second Vice Presidents, the Secretary, Treasurer, Reviews Coordinator, Web Master and Boresight Editor.   New goals, initiatives and action items are developed during the meeting for consideration by the AMPS Executive Board (E-Board).  Finally, the Theme for the next year’s Show is developed, ending with an announcement of the date and location for the next International Convention.      

3.  Administrative:  The AGM was held on 8 April 2016 at the Sumter Convention Center and called to order with opening remarks by John Charvat, President, AMPS at 1930 EST.  The AMPS AGM Slides are part of this report and may be viewed separately.

4.  Meeting Discussion:

            a. Election Results (Slide 3).  The Secretary provided a report of the 2016 Elections results.  It should be noted that all incumbents were re-elected and that there were no opposed positions.  The election winners:

1st Vice President: Chuck Aleshire

2nd Vice President, South: Mike Petty

2nd Vice President, Canada: Chuck Rothman

Secretary: Mark Corbett

            There are NO action items from this report.

b. Secretary Report (Slide 4 and 5) : Mark Corbett discussed membership statistics which showed continued growth of the membership throughout the previous year, with membership remaining above 700 for 12-14 months.  Demographic data was presented showing distribution of the members throughout the world.  There were no major changes from the previous year. There are NO action items from this report.

c. Treasurer Report (slide 6):  Tom Faith provided financial update for the organization.  The AMPS financial picture is in good shape and we have sufficient funds available to continue growth and explore capital investments to spur additional growth.  There are NO action items from this report.

d. Regional VP Reports (Slides 8-14).  The Regional VPs provided an update to events within their respective areas of responsibility.  The trend is that the Regions are trying new measures to increase growth, recruiting and support of regional shows and events. All Regions are doing well and there are plans in place to continue to spread the AMPS message.  There are NO action items from this report.

e. Publications Editor/Boresight (Slide 15). Eric Choy provided a status for Boresight and indicated that has is trying get more AMPS Masters to write BS articles and would like to add more “how to”, technique oriented articles to the BS line up in the future. Interviews with various hobby luminaries will also become a regular feature of BS into 2016/2017.  There are NO action items from this report.

f. Review Coordinator (Slide 16 and 17).  Jim Wechsler provided Review Crew highlights and status, along with data showing review completions for the past year. There were 315 reviews completed by over 50 AMPS reviewers during the reporting period.   There are NO action items from this report.

g. 1st Vice President Report (Slide 18).  Chuck Aleshire provided information relating to the recently updated AMPS Show SOP and Show Bid Process, which are posted on line now.  The upcoming 2017 World Expo in Chicago was discussed an event that AMPS should consider supporting in an effort to increase our visibility throughout other modeling communities. A suggestion was made to provide trophy packages in support of this event.  All in attendance agreed that AMPS should provide support if possible in the way of a $500 donation to the World Expo committee. Send donation to the Expo 2017 committee.

h. President Report (Slides  19 and 20).  John Charvat reiterated that the Club needs to continue to push Retention and Recruiting at the Regional and individual level.  John also asked for members to pursue volunteer opportunities within the organization to ensure we have depth of knowledge to complete numerous tasks in support of AMPS operations and Show preparations on an annual basis. The President discussed the “P” aspect of AMPS in regards to a donation to the National Armor & Cavalry Museum at Fort Benning, Georgia.  All members agreed that the Club should donate ($500) to the Museum as well as provide support to the 2017 World Expo. Send donation to the Cavalry Museum.

i. Open Forum Topics (Slide 21). John Charvat opened the forum to membership topics and discussion and provided ground rules for engagement.  The major topic of discussion was the initiative to investigate digital conversion of Boresight magazine.  The three options presented were digital only, mixed digital and print and status quo.  Numerous members indicated a preference for digital content and stated that in their view it was the go if AMPS wants to save money going forward.  Several members volunteered to help provide support and information going forward.  The AMPS E-Board stated that it would time to make a complete conversion and that a thorough investigation of the processes, procedures and issues needed to be looked at before a decision and path forward could be developed.  Investigate digital conversion and report back to AMPS Members.

j. Convention Location 2017 (Slide 22):  The next convention is scheduled for 20-22 April 2017 in Danbury, CT.  The Show Chair is Mike DelVecchio.


k.  Convention Theme Voting Results for 2017 (Slide 23):  Numerous themes were presented for selection and the winning theme for 2017: “Smile for the Birdie”  Best model that recreates a photograph from any period.

5.  The date for next AGM will be 21 April 2017, location Danbury, CT.

6.  The meeting adjourned at 2100, 8 Apr 2016.

Prepared/Authenticated By:

Mark T. Corbett

Secretary/Membership Coordinator

Armor Modeling and Preservation Society


The E-Board discussed an earlier issue relating to providing “digital only” Boresight content to the AMPS website, and possibly members.  It was noted that it might be possible to place some content on a shared document type web location.  This action item was not specifically assigned, but should be a continuing initiative for the Boresight Editor.


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