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Kit Listings and Mini-Reviews

This section gives you access to a database listing armor model kits and accessories. Our goal is to have every model kit and accessory, past and present, listed here.

Website users are encouraged to add to the database if they find something missing. If you know of a model kit or accessory that is missing from the database, please click on the Add New Kit Listing button. Each entry will list the manufacturer, catalog number, model title, and scale. The entries can also optionally include a mini-review of the item. Users are encouraged to add their own small comments (2000 characters maximum) and to rate the listings themselves. The ratings shown on the model lists are averages of all ratings posted by website users. You must be a logged in user to add a review or comment, or to rate a listing. If you are not a member of the website, click on the Request Site Login link at the top-right corner of the screen.

To search the database, specify your search criteria below. The system will match partial entries in the Subject field. For instance, Sherman will match ISherman, Super-Sherman, Sherman M4A1, etc.
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Unique model kits or accessories are shown in bold
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