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AMPS Albany
AMPS All-American Chapter
AMPS Anchorage
AMPS Appalachia
AMPS Arizona
AMPS Atlanta
AMPS Bulgaria
AMPS Centex (Austin Armor Builders Society)
AMPS Central Maryland
AMPS Central New Jersey
AMPS Central South Carolina "Wildcats"
AMPS Central Virginia
AMPS Chicagoland
AMPS East Tennessee
AMPS F.F. Worthington
AMPS Fort York Toronto
AMPS Frontiersman
AMPS Ft. Wayne
AMPS Ground Zero
AMPS Hudson Valley
AMPS Israel
AMPS London
AMPS Madison
AMPS Michigan
AMPS New Orleans
AMPS New Zealand
AMPS North Florida
AMPS Northwest
AMPS Paris
AMPS Piedmont Panzergruppen Upstate
AMPS San Antonio (Lone Star Armor Brigade)
AMPS Southern California
AMPS Southwestern Ontario
AMPS Tijuana
AMPS Vermont
BRAG - Blue Ridge Armor Geeks
Cajun AMPS
Capital City AMPS (EIAFVMS)
Capital Region AMPS
Central Arkansas Scale Modelers
Central Florida AMPS
Central Pennsylvania AMPS "SPEARHEAD"
Chattanooga Scale Modelers
Coastal Carolina Modeler's Association
Fredericksburg AMPS
High Altitude Armor Modelers (HAAM)
Military Modeler's Club of Louisville (MMCL)
Minnesota Military Figure Society
New Mexico AMPS
Nordland AMPS
North East Ohio (NEO) AMPS
Northeast Military Modelers Association
Panzer Gnomes
Patton's Best
Pendleton AMPS
Sooner AMPS
South Florida Tracklayers
St. Louis Armor Modelers (SLAM)
The Second Maryland AMPS (Armor of the Potomac)
Toledo AMPS NCO Club
TRAMPS - Tidewater Regional AMPS Chapter
Upper Valley Model Club
Washington Armor Club
Western Front AMPS
Wright Field Scale Modelers
This page contains current information about local AMPS chapters and what they're doing. If you would like information about your local chapter posted, please email the Director of Field Operations.
Chapter News
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