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Cromwell vs. Jagdpanzer IV

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Osprey Publishing
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Paul Roberts

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Osprey Duel 86

Cromwell vs. Jagdpanzer IV – Normandy 1944

David Higgens

Osprey Publishing

ISBN 978-1-4728-2586-5

80 pp plus covers


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This newest entry in Osprey’s “Duel” series this book is physically similar to most of the other Osprey series of books. The size and length are strictly to form as is the roughly 50/50 mix of text and images; images made up of period photos and some high quality graphics. Image size and quality is first rate and the text reads well and is well edited and proof read and the illustrations do a good job of providing both usable modelling detail and background information for the text.

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This book describes the development of both the Jagdpanzer IV and the Cromwell and how each met the tactical niches they were designed to fill. It describes several engagements and why the outcomes relate to the vehicles and their capabilities.

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This volume in the series really does show what can be done with this format with the right subject matter and an author who can combine the actual combat actions with comprehensive and relevant background information to provide a much more complete picture of why the duel is important in the larger sense.

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Highly recommended.

Many thanks to Osprey Publishing for providing the review copy.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts

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