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AFV Club – 1/35 M113 APC T130-E1 Workable Track Link

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
AFV Club
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James Wechsler

M113 APC T130-E1 Workable Track Link

By AFV Club


Recently AFV Club has released a nice new model of the M113A1 ACAV.  The first look can be found here:

M113A1 ACAV - First Look

That kit comes with vinyl tracks. So AFV Club has also released this set of plastic, individual link, workable tracks.

The contents of this kit are quite simple. You get 18 identical sprues that have 8 links on each one for a total of 144 links which is enough for two runs (i.e. one vehicle). The instructions are printed on the back of the box and basically show that you simply press fit them together and then the very small pins lock them in place to make them workable.

The overall molding of the parts is very clean with good details. There are two very faint pins marks on each link on either side of the guidehorn. These are so faint that you can probably not even clean them up.

Here’s a look at the parts:











I decided to build a short run to see how they went together. I found that using a nice pair of sprue cutters, I could clip the links off the sprues close enough to not need any additional clean up. That’s a really nice feature since it saves a lot of time.

Assembly was easy enough by pressing the links together and wiggling them slightly to get the pins in place. I did scrap off the pins marks and doing this run of tracks too less than 10 minutes.





Overall this set of tracks is a very nice addition to AFV Club’s new M113 kit. Of course they can be used on other M113 kits too. The detail is very nice and they are easy to remove from the sprue and assemble.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Hobby Fan for this review kit.

Reviewed by James Wechsler


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