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Reality in Scale - Middle East Modern Wall

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Monday, August 28, 2017
Reality In Scale
Retail Price:
14.95 Euros
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

 Reality in Scale - Middle East / Modern Wall



Netherlands-based Reality in Scale produces a wide range of interesting products aimed largely at diorama builders. Many of these diorama products are actually made of the same materials as their one to one scale counterparts. Their products include all sorts of items including structures, signs, structure components and furnishings, foliage and other very useful items. If interested in such items as these, I'd heartily recommend a visit to Reality in Scale's website.

This simple 4 part kit was packaged in a padded envelope, no damage to any parts was noted. There are no instructions or painting guide included, but none should be necessary. 

What's in the Package?


Above you see the four parts of the kit; two cast resin wall sections, a cast resin "metal" door, and a decal intended for the larger of the two wall sections.

A Note on that Decal. The decal is of a symbol associated with the Palestinian Intifada, the Palestinian uprising or resistance opposing Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which began in 1987. The use of this decal included in the kit during this review makes NO political statement whatsoever. Just as with any other overtly political statement or ideology depicted by decals or other printed matter in a kit, if it offends you, simply don't use it.


Above- the larger of the wall castings, VERY crisply done.


Above- the smaller wall section, all castings are flawless, and well detailed


Above - the casting for the metal door linking the wall sections.

Assembling and painting the kit

Preparation for assembly consisted simply of razor sawing away the casting blocks at the bottoms of the resin parts. This was quick and easy, and flat sanding the bottoms of the wall sections was the work of only a couple of minutes. After a quick bath to get of any stray mold release, the parts were ready for assembly / painting.

A Note on the Castings - these castings are extremely crisp and clean, with excellent detail definition. There are quite literally NO air bubbles or flaws visible. The casting for the door is rather thin, and had just a small amount of a warp to it. This was easily corrected by use of a hot water bath and being clamped straight as the part cooled down.


I used a piece of scrap Evergreen styrene as a base for this wall section. I pre-painted all three resin components of the kit prior to mating them up and mounting them to the improvised base.

I began by priming the castings with Tamiya primer from a rattlecan. I think that the gray color of the primer is a decent match for a gray-ish concrete block look, so that also served as a base color for the wall. I used a Lifecolor acrylic rust color for the bricks in the repaired section of the wall, and a mix of Tamiya acrylic black and red brown for the "repel all boarders" spikes atop the wall. The door was painted with Vallejo Model Color Andrea Blue...just because I wanted some "pop" on this assembly. The door hardware was painted the same mix of black and red brown I'd used for the spikes.


The decal is a rather large one, and as you can see from the photos, it needs to be cut down in the upper left corner to accommodate the missing wall piece up there. The deal itself is very bright and vibrant, and is well printed. 

I was a bit concerned about how well it would settle down over the irregularities in the wall section, especially the mortar lines, but with several applications of Microscale decal setting solution, it conformed very well. I was quite pleased with how the decal settled into the wall.

Once the decal was in place, the application of a thin black acrylic wash did a good job of bringing out the fine detail of the castings. After applying just a bit of pigments to the door hardware and wall top spikes, I applied a light overspray of Tamiya Buff, heavier at the bottom of the wall. The castings were joined using gel CA, and then I used the same to mount the assembly to the base.

 I'd do a bit more detail finishing prior to embedding this wall in a diorama, but for review purposes, let's call this one done.


Above - a rear view of the wall assembly


This is a very nicely done little kit. The components are all of a very high quality, with extremely fine resin castings, and a well made decal.

With the decal applied, this assembly only works in certain geographical and time situations. Deleting the decal, and this wall section would work for a fairly wide range of locations around the Mediterranean Sea and North Africa, as well as a much wider time frame.

This is a very fine offering from Reality in Scale, now I'm going to have to build the appropriate kit and put it to work! 

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Reality in Scale for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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