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Pen & Sword- Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle-

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Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Pen and Sword Books
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$28.95 USD
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Brian Messier

Book Review:

Stryker Interim Combat Vehicle

The Stryker and LAV III in US and Canadian Service, 1999-2020

By David Grummitt 

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This is a soft-cover guide to the Stryker family of combat vehicles in service with US and Canadian forces from 1999-2020. It is published by Pen & Sword in their "Landcraft" series of books.

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It is 65 pages of strong backed heavy paper glued into a soft-cover spine. The material is sufficiently durable for repeated usage and an occasional coffee spill  (promptly wiped clean of course). There are well over 100 color photographs contained in the book as well as several graph style images pertaining to the layout of Stryker Brigade Combat Teams.  

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The print is small but contains an immense amount of material about the Stryker/LAV III family of vehicles. The contents list provides 12 "chapters" that cover both variants from inception to their latest deployments and developments, including M-1296 Dragoon Stryker. There are chapters on some of the history of wheeled vehicles in US service, Development of the Stryker family of vehicles, and several others. Of particular interest to model builders will be the chapters, "Camouflage and Markings, Model Showcase, and Modeling Products." 


Two chapters describe the Stryker variants in detail, and there are also chapters chronicling the Strykers service in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Also particularly interesting for our hobby specifically are 8 pages of full color illustrations showcasing 14 vehicles of various nations and design variants. The photos of in progress model building and parts reviews are especially helpful for the potential Stryker scale modeller. 

 Stryker 2.jpg

The author, David Grummitt, is also the editor of Military Modelcraft International, as well as a professional historian. David is also the author of several other books, notably to modelers "Tankcraft 17: M-1 Abrams", "Tankcraft 28: Leopard 2" as well as several books on late medieval period warfare. 

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to PEN AND SWORD for this book.

Reviewed by Brian Messier


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