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AMMO by Mig-- The Weathering Magazine- Accessories

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Issue 32
Saturday, January 16, 2021
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Michael Reeves

AMMO by Mig-- The Weathering Magazine- Accessories


AMMO by Mig Jimenez products have been useful for recreating weathered effects on models and dioramas for quite some time. Their various pigments, washes, textured solutions, and paints in various forms can be applied in practically every genre of modeling. The company has also put out excellent magazines to accompany their products and each focuses on a specific theme. The Weathering Magazine articles tie the themes to the offered products, but modelers on a limited budget or with different product preferences can also benefit from the knowledge gained in the techniques that are illustrated within. This issue's theme- "Accessories" is of particular interest to anyone who has endeavored to recreate diorama scenes or just add an additional piece of flair to their models. 

What's Inside

After a brief introduction by chief editor Sergiusz Pęczek, we get eight relevant articles to add details to jerry cans, sandbags and stowage, tank ammunition with crates, fuel cans and crates, painting weapons, detailing a mantlet cover, painting an American GI figure, and painting furniture. Let's dive in...

German Jerry Cans Set WWII by Kreangkrai Paojinda takes the so-named Miniart kit 35588 and sets out to recreate different effects with the various styles of jerry cans in the kit. Four effects are outlined: heavily worn with rust chipping, standard chipping and weathering effects, bare metal scratches, and winter white wash effects.


Sandbags Stowage by Łukasz Kapelski goes into depth in how to detail any aftermarket stowage sets, like those offered by companies such as Legend, Panzer Art, Black Dog, and Value Gear. 


Tank Ammunition and ammo crates by Sergiusz Pęczek looks at detailing another great Miniart kit- Soviet Ammo Boxes with Shells (Kit # 35261). The article spends time showing how to prepare the ammo for painting including sanding and removing seam lines. Using AMMO's products, the author shows how to paint the shells and crates (including painted wood crates with chipped effects) and bring out details like the wood grains in the crates. Applying the included stencil decals is also explored.


The Devil is in the Details by Artur Miniszewski covers painting and detailing more Miniart kits, including #35595- Oil and Petrol Cans 1930-40s and #35574- Beer Bottles and Wooden Crates. 


Painting Weapons by Paulo Carrelo goes into painting and detailing a selection of 1/35 and 1/16 weapons including the wooden buttstock of a Kar98 rifle, the metal and wood of a PPSh-41, and the metal and buttstock of a StG44 rifle.


How to Paint a Mantlet Cover by Mig Jiménez goes into excellent depth in the process he uses to detail the large mantlet cover of this Patton tank.


G.I. Green, another article by Artur Miniszewski, gives an excellent tutorial on painting a 1/35 American driver figure from Mantis Miniatures.


Painting Furniture by Chema Martínez takes another Miniart kit- #35548- Furniture Set and shows detailing not only with paints and Oilbrushers, but also using photoetched wood grain templates from RB Productions and decals from Uschi van der Rosten to add more variations to wood grain effects.


The issue concludes with a small announcement of the Project AMMO for life collaboration with the Obra Social San Juan de Dios in the "Faces of Vulnerability" campaign. Kudos to the campaign to continue the important mission of health care to persons with terminal cancer by providing dignified end-of-life care.


This is another excellent themed magazine to further one's skills in painting, detailing, and weathering the small things-- details that will make your models and dioramas stand out. It also fortifies techniques in using the various product ranges in the AMMO line- acrylic paints, enamel washes and textures, Shaders, and Oilbrushers. As always, the photography and captions are detailed and informative and the techniques can easily be replicated no matter what the skill level of the modeler.  The next issue to be released focuses on "Burned Out" - the effects of incineration , burned out vehicles, and charred ash vehicles and machinery.

 Highly Recommended for anyone looking to detail accessories for their builds.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for this review sample. I also want ot thank the boys from one of my model groups for help identifying the tank from Mig's mantlet article- my identification skills are sometimes lacking. Thanks Rob, Lou, and Steeve!

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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