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Juweela, Rubble in a Box, Brick Red 1/45-1/50 scale

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Thursday, October 29, 2020
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€7.99 euro
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Chuck Aleshire


Rubble in a Box, Brick Red

1/45 - 1/50 scale


Juweela is a German firm that specializes in scenery and diorama type products largely directed towards the model railroading hobby. Fortunately for we military modelers, a great many of these products work very well for our applications. Juweela produces a quite large and interesting range of products, I'd recommend heartily that you take a look at their website ( ). Previously reviewed products from Juweela have gotten high marks for quality and usefulness to military modelers.

The product being reviewed here is labeled as being suitable for 1/45 - 1/50 scale, which places it firmly in the "sweet spot" for 1/48 scale military modelers. 

What's in the Box?


Above - This box contains a zip lock bag containing 200 grams ( roughly 7 ounces ) of material. As referred to on the packaging, this material is a brick red color, and is a good looking, rather muted shade. The material is ceramic, and will take paints, washes or pigments well. The rubble is quite random in size and shape, which will provide a realistic appearance. 


Above - a quick test drive of the material with a 1/48 scale Flakpanzer IV Ostwind on an improvised base. Small amounts of the rubble were just sprinkled onto the base, and as this is being done simply to show scale, the material was not cemented to the base or weathered in any way.


Above - The rubble material looks very nice as is, and mixing in some additional materials of various sizes, shapes and colors would enhance the appearance substantially. I suspect that we all have plenty of suitable materials for this in our hobby rooms someplace. As stated earlier, this material can be weathered or blended into your base using your choice of paints, washes, or pigments. Securing it to the base will be a simple matter using your choice of adhesive. I'm personally a fan of using diluted white glue ( Elmer's ) or a scenic material securing cement from Woodland Scenics. 


Above - a slightly different viewing angle, I like the look of this product!


Prior to doing this review ( as well as a couple of other recent reviews of Juweela products ), it had been several years since the last time that I'd examined any products from Juweela. To be honest, I remembered being impressed with what I'd seen then, and have to confess to being even more impressed now. The products that I've examined recently are just that good. 

 The material provided in this product is very nicely sized for its purpose, it is extremely versatile (after all, rubble in all eras and locations looks much the same ), and is quite easy to use. The amount of material provided is quite generous, there is enough rubble in the package for several projects, depending on how much you use per project. This is an exceptionally useful product for 1/48 scale modelers who like to dress up their model bases, or build diorama bases. And while nominally stated to be 1/45 - 1/50 scale, this material would also be useful for depicting smaller sized rubble in larger scales such as 1/35. 

As you can probably determine from the general tone of this review, I like this product very much!

Here in North America, Juweela products can be obtained through Secret Weapon Miniatures ( ).

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Juweela for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland 

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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