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Juweela, Rubble in the Box, City 1/45-1/50 scale

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Chuck Aleshire


Rubble in the Box, City 1/45-1/50 scale


This review will seem very much like another review that I've done recently, and there's a good reason for that. This review is on a set from the German firm of Juweela, Rubble  in the Box - City, in 1/45- 1/50 scale. I'd recently quite favorably reviewed Juweela's outstanding Rubble in the Box - City set in 1/35 scale. This 1/45 - 1/50 scale set should be ideal for 1/48 scale builders.

In case you're unfamiliar with Juweela, they are a German firm specializing in various ( a wide range, actually ) landscape and diorama products across a wide range of scales, largely directed towards model railroad enthusiasts. Happily most of their line of products is very useful to military modelers as well! For a look at Juweela's product line, check out their website

This set is intended to replicate rubble such as what would be found in an urban setting, perhaps a bombed out or heavily shelled area.

What's in the Box?


Opening the package reveals a nice assortment of various materials that once combined, will make convincing rubble for the modeler. 


As can be seen above, the materials are sorted by type, and securely packaged in zip lock bags. The set provides 5 different rubble ingredients. A generous amount of each material is provided in this set, as can be seen by the US quarter seen above for reference.


Above - a sample of the fine, smallest rubble material.


Above - a larger, more coarse rubble material. 


Above - the largest type of rubble material, made up of architectural type materials such as brick sections, window casings, etc.


Above - well formed bricks in two very realistic shades.


Above - and last but certainly not least, a wooden beam type material is included. The bag of these had 46.5 of these beams in it. These wood sticks can be broken up and splintered as desired for realism, and can be burned / scorched to depict fire damage. 


Above - a family portrait, showing relative sizes of the materials provided in this set.

The materials in this set ( all are ceramic, other than the wood beams ) will accept paints, stains, washes and pigments well, allowing the modeler to adjust colors / tones as required. The materials are all provided in a nicely muted realistic color straight from the box though. Application of these materials will be quite simple using your choice of adhesive. I've used diluted white glue ( Elmers ) with great success. Any of the commercially available  model landscape glues would work just as well.

A Quick Test Drive




 Using a 1/48 scale Tamiya / Gasoline Flakpanzer IV Ostwind conversion and a piece of scrap base, I applied some of each material from the set in a random manner to the base. As it's a demonstration of what the materials will look like blended together and not a permanent project, I didn't cement anything in place, nor dId I apply any washes, etc. Some washes of color will really make these materials ( especially the larger architectural detail parts ) really pop. As is, this stuff looks really nice in my opinion. 


Just as I found with this set's 1/35 scale counterpart, this is a highly useful set for military modelers. The sizes of the various materials in this kit are perfect for folks who build in 1/48 scale.

The various components provided in this kit are of a uniformly high quality, being well made and of realistic colors. The architectural materials in particular I found to be really appealing, due to their added "character". The ease of use with this set is a plus, rubble is random, you cannot get it wrong! The amount of material provided in this set is quite generous, and should be enough for several projects, depending of course on how large your project may be, and how tall you pile the rubble!

This Rubble in the Box, City product will be a very useful item for 1/48 scale  military model builders. Another winner from Juweela!

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Juweela for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland 

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region


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