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Juweela - Rubble in the Box, City

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
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€16.99 euro
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Chuck Aleshire


Rubble in the Box, City


It's been quite awhile since AMPS has reviewed products from this company, it's nice to see some new products from Juweela. Juweela is a German company which produces a wide range of diorama items, largely directed towards model railroaders, but certainly useful for military modelers as well. Previously reviewed items from Juweela a few years back were all found to be of good quality and usefulness.

A look at the Juweela website ( ) shows a very wide range of interesting products, covering a wide range of scales. Products include sheets of flexible pavement in several different materials, various structure building materials, loads of different styles of individual bricks and blocks, cans, barrels, small critters ( mice, rats, etc ), and other assorted diorama goodies. Check out the whole range at the Juweela website.

This review covers an interesting set of materials in 1/35 scale depicting city or urban rubble, the kind of stuff you'd expect to see resulting from an urban area being shelled by artillery or bombed. 

 What's in the Box?


The box was fairly weighty, the reason for this was immediately apparent upon opening it. This box is FULL of various useful diorama materials, neatly packaged up.


The contents of the box ( above, with quarter for size reference ) are four zip lock bags of various types of rubble material, as well as a bundle of some wood material for simulating structural wooden beams that would be found in collapsed buildings. These individual bags of material are SUBSTANTIAL; providing the modeler with plenty of raw material to work with. 


Above - sample of the small rubble bag. Note all the various random shapes and sizes.


Above - samples from the larger sized rubble bag. Note the nice medium gray color.


Above - samples from the multiple brick assembly bag. They are a nice muted pale reddish pink color. This bag also contains some pieces of what appear to be broken terra cotta roofing tiles.


Above - samples from the individual bricks bag, they are a realistic "brick" color, in two different shades as seen above.


Above - samples from the "structural beams" bundle. They appear to be balsa wood or similar. 15 of these beams are provided.


Above - the beams are easily broken to provide the modeler with differently sized chunks of beam material, as well as to give a realistic splintered effect. I decided to scorch one with a lighter flame to depict flame damage, and was happy with the result.

A quick test drive with the rubble materials


Using a 1/35 scale resin Tiger Werke diorama base that I'd recently reviewed, I somewhat randomly scattered various rubble materials on the base, forming three small piles. In looking at the above photo, more small rubble should be strewn about, but this will give you a good idea of how this material works together.

Other than the wood beam material, all other rubble items are made of a ceramic material, and attachment to your base of choice would be easy enough with diluted white glue, or any other suitable landscape cement. Blending of the rubble material to whatever base you use will be simple and easy with weak paint washes, and / or pigments of your choice. I have used ceramic materials from Juweela in the past, and they take both well.

Please Note - the gray rubble material appears much lighter in my photos than it really is, due to the dark cobblestone base that I used for the photos. In real life, the gray material isn't quite as bright.


Above - a detail view of the largest of the rubble piles on the base. It's a nice mix of the various components provided in this set. I think that the proper way to assure a natural, random look would be to combine all of the various materials provided in a bag, shake vigorously, and then dump it onto your base. 


Above - a pair of 1/35 scale figures placed to show the scale of the materials.


Above - detail view


Above - and one more view for good measure!


This is HIGHLY useful set of diorama materials. The individual components in this set are all of a very high quality, being quite realistic in appearance straight out of the box. When you mix all five of the components of this set together, it is really very convincing as a whole. Easily applied weathering effects using washes and pigment would enhance the outstanding appearance of the set's materials even further.

The amount of the various materials provided in this set is very generous. I would conservatively estimate that you are provided with enough materials to "rubble-ize" at least 5-6 bases in a manner similar to what I've done in this review. Of course, this depends on just how high you pile the rubble! 

I really do like this set and it's components and ease of achieving good results. If you are a diorama builder, or simply want to dress up your vehicle bases, this set provides the builder with a great source of materials.

In North America, Juweela products are available from Secret Weapon Miniatures ( ) 

Highly Recommended!

Thanks to Juweela for the review sample

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland 

AMPS 2nd Vice President, Midwest Region 


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