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Tiger Werke – 1/35 European Rail Crossing

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Tiger Werke
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James Wechsler


1/35 European Rail Crossing

By  Tiger Werke


Tiger Werke has released a new, resin diorama base called European Rail Crossing.  As it’s name reflects, it depicts a cobblestone street crossing a rail line.  As such it is pretty much applicable to many locations throughout Europe and in nearly any time setting from the last two centuries.

This product consists of one large resin casting that measures roughly 10 in. X 11 in.  It’s cast in grey resin and there are no air bubbles on the surface and only a couple small ones on the lower part of the edges which are easily fixed with a little putty.  The sample sits flat and shows now sign of warping.

The overall casting detail is quite good with nice clarity in the tracks, gravel and cobblestones.  The road itself is a bit uneven with cobblestones rising up much like a real road.  It also has a bit of a dome curvature, when viewed from the side, as it meets the tracks.  This gives a very natural look to the road but will require a vehicle's suspicion to be set to the road so it’ll sit properly.

The road itself is wide enough to accommodate most AFVs as seen by the M47 in the photo below



Also included in the box is a nice set of cleaning and painting instructions.



After I gave the base a wash using distilled water and a little dishwashing detergent, I began painting.  The instructions call out Vallejo colors but I used Tamiya paints since I had them on hand.  First I airbrushed the base using Dark Brown for the rail bed, Dark Sea Gray for the cobblestones and Dark Earth for the dirt.


Then, after applying a flat coat, I turned to drybrushing.  I used a Model Master Metalizer Gun Metal and Dark Anodonic Gray for the tracks.  Model Master Dark Ghost Gray, darkened with black for the gravel, Flat Gull Gray for the cobble stones and Afrika Dunkelgrau for the earth and track ties.


Then I applied a wash using thinned Windsor Newton Raw Umber oil paint.

The project was wrapped up by using a magic marker around the edges and then a final flat coat.



Overall I’m happy with the final results especially since the amount of work to complete this project was pretty low.  I think the ground work area could benefit from adding some foliage and/or dirt which just can’t be simulated in resin.


This is a really nicely produced product of a very versatile subject.  The clean casting and high detail means it can be used right from the box with minimal clean up and no assembly.

Highly Recommended.

My sincere thanks to Tiger Werke for the review sample.

Reviewed by Jim Wechsler, SoCal AMPS


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