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TAKOM Kit: US Army 1/4-Ton Armored Willys Jeep

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Monday, July 20, 2020
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Steve Santucci

Takom Kit: US Army 1/4-Ton Armored Willys Jeep
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"It does everything. It goes everywhere. It's as faithful as a dog, as strong as a mule and as agile as a goat. It constantly carries twice what it was designed for, and still keeps on going." Ernie Pyle


The U.S. Army ¼ ton Armored Truck or also known by its loving fans as the Jeep still is the most iconic 4 wheeled vehicle of the Second World War. It was a workhorse that carried many job titles and modifications. Powered by a 60hp engine with its off-road capability and a 300-mile operational range, it became the primary light wheeled transport vehicle for the US and the Allies. The jeep depicted in this recent release from Takom saw use in mid 1944 through 1946.  The 82nd Airborne use the armored versions  late summer 1944 through the end of the war as well as the Intelligence and Reconnaissance I&R Platoon from the 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division. As a reconnaissance vehicle the armor gave added protection while moving through hostile territory. The vehicles final use came as a part of the occupation force of Germany and the capital of Berlin. The armor shield started out as a field adaptation that would later be formalized and standardized by the Army. Leave it to G.I. ingenuity! The standardization led to a single sheet of metal folded to fit the jeep. The shield provided protection from small arms fire.


What's Inside the Box!

It is Takom! Cellophane envelope wrapped sprues- 3 in total. The solid molded chassis was bubble wrapped to protect this delicate and most important piece! The main body, also one piece, and was in its own zip lock style bag. The box contents included the photoetch (mostly of the armor shield in one piece), and the clear sprue in a separate bag. Rounding out the remaining contents was the decal sheet and the all-important instruction manual. A total of 3 main sprues, 1 clear sprue ,and the photo etch plus the single molded body and chassis.

 Chasis wrapped.jpgChasis 1.jpgBody Tub Under.jpgdirections.jpg

Sprue A

This sprue contains engine parts, accessories, and other small details. One has to be careful removing part from the sprue, lots of delicate pieces abound. Clean molding little to no flash. The only flash to be found so far has been on a couple of parts have been the ejector pins marks.

Sprue A.jpg


Sprue C

This sprue contains wheels, interior parts such as the seats, and some of the wheel assembly. The steering wheel is thin and delicate and great care should be taken when removing. The seats have texture to simulate the fabric look. The wheels are two pieces, while the tire itself is molded as one. I am impressed with the fine molding on lots of the delicate parts. The sprue in some places is molded to protect these parts, such as the seat frames with their backs.

Sprue C.jpg 



Sprue D

This sprue contains the fewest of parts compared to the other two. This contains engine parts such as the radiator assembly, the front body of the jeep, the hood, some additional exterior parts and dash and some interior accessories. Like the steering wheel, the windshield is delicate and thin and much care shall be taken when removing it from the sprue. Like before, the sprue is molded to protect delicate parts such as the grill face of the jeep.

 Sprue D.jpg

Sprue H

Contains a few clear plastic parts such as two windshields, one with the wipers partially up and the others complete down along the bottom. Two additional parts are for the headlights.

 Sprue H clear.jpg

Photo Etch

This small sheet contains one single sheet for the armor plate with the scoring for proper bending. Additionally it comes with the front armor plate to protect the radiator. Last are rings of which two are assembled with the hitch



There are 4 markings you can choose from they are as follow:

    82nd Airborne Division, Reconnaissance Platoon, Vehicle 12, Netherlands , September 1944

    82nd Airborne Division, Reconnaissance Platoon, Vehicle 9, LaGeize, Belgium, January 1945

    82nd Airborne Division, Reconnaissance Platoon, Vehicle 15, LaGeize, Belgium, January 1945

    4th Constabulary Regiment, 16th Constabulary Squadron, Headquarters & Headquarters Troop, Berlin, Germany, May 1946.

 paint scheme 1.jpgColor Scheme 2.jpg

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, pending Full Build review.

Thanks goes out to Takom for this review kit.

Reviewed by Steve Santucci


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