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Takom – 1/35 AK-130 Russian Navy 130mm Automatic Naval Gun – First Look

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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James Wechsler

1/35 AK-130 Russian Navy 130mm Automatic Naval Gun – First Look

By  Takom



The AK-130 is a Russian (Soviet) automatic naval gun turret originally developed in the 1970s and continuously modernized.  It can be a seen on a number of Russian/Soviet warships including the Slava, Kirov, Sovremenny, and Udaloy II classes.

It has twin, 130mm liquid cooled cannons derived from the M-46 towed artillery piece.  They are mounted in an crewless turret with an autoloader and 150 to 180 rounds of ammunition stored in a magazine below deck.  Targeting is done through a build in MR-184 Lite Search fire control radar.

It has a maximum range of 23 km and a rate of fire of 10 to 35 rounds per minute, resulting in a maximum of 70 rpm for the turret.

The Kit

Well I wasn’t expecting Takom, or anyone else for that matter, to release a model of this subject.  Especially not in 1/35 scale.  But it’s a cool subject and for those that like diversity, a nice break from typical armor choices.  It is big, the base measures just over 11 inches in diameter and the guns extended quite a bite past that.

The kit itself is well detailed but still a relatively simple model.  There are 6 sprues in gray, a tiny 1 piece clear sprue, and two photoetch plates. 

Overall, the molding is clean and crisp and exactly what you’d expect from Takom.  Particularly impressive is the main turret dome which is a single large piece. The instructions are typical Takom with simple steps in a small booklet.  Personally, I think they could have printed it a little larger but that’s a minor point.  Markings are minimal so the decaling won’t overwhelm anyone.

The painting scheme is overall gray with a hull red base and white strip demarcating them.  But photos I found online also show and overall gray option is you don’t want to deal with the masking.

Here’s a look at the sprues.












I’ve built a number of Takom’s kits and my personal assessment is that they seem to have found a way to have excellent detail without a high part count or excessive complexity.  This kit continues that approach, and coupled with clear instructions, makes it very motivating to build.

Highly Recommended, pending full build.

My sincere thanks to Takom for the review sample.

Reviewed by Jim Wechsler, SoCal AMPS



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