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Casemate- Camera On #20 3.7 Flak 18/36/37

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Sunday, March 22, 2020
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Chuck Willis

Camera On:

3.7 cm Flak 18/36/37


Alan Ranger and the team at MMP Books bring military enthusiasts and modelers a very nice treat with their latest "Camera On" offering. This time the team brings us an excellent photo album showing a variety of German WW II Flak guns and their crews. Alan Ranger states in the Forward section of this edition, his intention is not to identify and catalog every German Flak gun used during WWII, but rather show through (mostly) his photo collection, the various flak guns and their crews in their natural environment in the field as seen through the lens of a typical German soldier taking pictures for souvenirs. So, no official German propaganda pics, though I did see one or two at the most, that probably were staged for the home front, and not many close-up, walk around type photos either. However, this edition does contain several close-up photos that will satisfy those modelers who want to add missing details the manufacturers forgot. in addition, this Camera On edition captures a nice variety of German uniforms worn by field flak crews.

Pages 3 - 5 contain the author's opening comments contained in the Forward section stating the edition's overview and limitations as well as a few notes on the pictures themselves. Also contained in these pages are a single page of background, development and use of each of these flak guns.  While the brief descriptions of the flak guns are not complete detailed histories of these guns, the descriptions are concise and provide adequate information for the reader to know the highlights..


The Basics:

Dimensions: 8. X 11.7 in.

Page Count: 80pp

Picture Count: Over 160  Black & White photos


Forward & Introduction

3.7 cm Flak 18

3.7 cm Flak 36

Rheinmetall 37 mm M1939

3.7 cm Flak 37



Many pages contain two photos, each with a description of what's on in the picture or the author providing additional information on the flak gun itself or the surrounding environment like the makeshift bunkers.




Nearly every photo is clear showing each featured flak in it's natural environment; well, okay maybe not every photo. While nearly all photos are clear, some appear a bit cloudy, though this didn't appear to interfere with showing a lot of details.



All photos have accompanying descriptive text that either provides a little context of what's happening in the photo or additional information on that particular flak gun.



Two very tired and weary model builders taking a break from a model building marathon weekend.







Now this would make a great little diorama. Maybe manufacturers will start producing casual flak crews?


This edition does contain a few close-up photos that scratchbuilders and those suffering from AMS (advanced modelers syndrome) will appreciate. While some photos like this are not as clear as we would prefer, as noted by the author, nearly all photos contained in this edition were taken by non-professional photographers.




Alan Ranger and the MMP team have just provided military enthusiasts and modelers alike with yet another exceptional reference book for one's library that is quite affordable and very good value for the money. This edition provides a great abbreviated version of the listed flaks and plenty of inspiration for those modelers who enjoy building dioramas and vignettes.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing for this review publication.

Reviewed by Chuck Willis


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