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Kagero TopDrawings #88- M16 Half-Track

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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
Kagero Publishing
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Michael Reeves

Kagero TopDrawings #88- M16 Half-Track


Book Specifics

Author: Mariusz Motyka

8.3 X 11.7 "

ISBN 978-83-66148-75-8

Price: $24.95

24 pages of drawing sheets in various scales, Color profiles on rear cover, text in English and Polish


What's Inside

The M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage (MGMC) was a self-propelled antiaircraft gun built during WWII by the US. Also known as the M16 half-track, it was  built on the M3 chassis and was accepted into combat in early 1944 in Italy and during D-Day operations and a small number were delivered to Great Britain and France through Lend-Lease. The chosen Maxon turret featured four 12.7mm .50 caliber machine guns that spit out 500-600 rounds per minute. It was effective not only against aircraft, but also against ground targets, specifically enemy infantry. In this role, it earned the name "Meat Chopper" and when used in the Korean War, this was it's primary role considering the speed of aircraft with the introduction of jet aircraft.

The book provides excellent drawings throughout the 24 pages. There are a few different pull out sections-- mostly featuring 1/16 scale drawings of the M16. The pages of the book itself feature mainly "no scale' labels and just provide excellent details. Views feature front and rear views of the truck from both sides, and details of the winch, radio, and lights.


From there we get excellent detailed drawings of the cab interior from both sides and the combat compartment showing the radio and excess ammunition storage. Detailed close up drawings of the M45 gun mount follow.



From there we get a view of the vehicle without the body so as to get a good view of the details underneath. Included with these drawings are close ups of the White 160AX engine and radiator, tow hook, suspension and drive shafts,  road wheels, bogie assemblies, and sprockets. The engine drawings alone are exemplary with details of the generator, starter and fuel pump, gearbox, transfer case and PTO assembly. Following all these no scale drawings are the same thing only in 1/35 and smaller 1/72 and 1/48 scales.




Pretty much anything you would like to see close up on the M16 is available in this book for you. My only pet peeve is that I truly wish there were more color or at least color call outs for all of these drawings. Sadly the only color profiles provided is that from the front and rear covers. The scheme represents a vehicle from 9 June, 1944 of a Utah Beach M16 near St. Marie du Mont in Normandy during Operation Overlord. I would have loved to see more profiles of different vehicles. Barring that though, if you have an M16 sitting in the stash, this is one book worth picking up as you seek to start the build up, whether it be the older Tamiya or Dragon kits, or present release from AFV Club that is available.


Highly Recommended for builders or admirers of the M16 Half-Track series.

Thanks goes out to Kagero Publishing and Casemate Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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