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Figurinitaly- Hands and Heads

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Friday, February 28, 2020
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Chris Lloyd-Staples

FIGURINITALY 3D printed hands and heads

24 hands (1).jpg 

This line of parts will help any vehicle modeler who is looking to improve their figures, and in particular try to get more realistic hands for their crews.  I wrote to the guy who makes these (Ivo Preda), looking to get hold of his hands in 1/35 scale.  He let me know that each item in the range is also available in 1/30 and 1/24 scales, obviously aimed at figure specialists.  In with my order, Ivo sent some samples in the larger sizes.  These are the various hand sets:

35 hands  (1).jpg

35 hands  (2).jpg

35 hands  (3).jpg

35 hands  (4).jpg

35 hands  (5).jpg

35 hands  (6).jpg

The items come in polythene ziploc bags, which are adequate protection, although a few hands arrived separated from the carrier material.  They are printed in 3D and show none of the ribbed texture that was typical of early 3D printing.  The hands are free from any flash and need no clean-up at all.  To fit to a figure, it is just a matter of cutting off the kit hand, drilling out the jacket sleeve to a depth of about 2mm, and then sticking the new hand into position.


I found it really difficult to photograph the pale resin material (sorry), so the images above are from the Figurinitaly publicity release, but my own photo below shows that the hands are exactly as good as expected.


mani 1-35.jpg

Ivo sent me some sample heads in 1/30 scale, and these are shown below:



They would make a change from the Hornet heads that I use on every figure!  However, the heads will need to have hair and hat added, if appropriate, and they can add a lot of variation to figures on a diorama.


Overall, then, I really love the hands, and I'm planning to use these on my 1/35 figures when the kit hands are just not good enough.  In particular, plastic kit hands tend to have the fingers together as they are easier to mould, and I like separated fingers, as in many of these Figurinitaly examples.  Personally speaking, I'm less likely to use the heads, but they will be incredibly useful for anyone who makes their own figures from scratch.  

There are several stockists in Europe and the US, but for information I recommend contacting Ivo Preda on directly.  He has been very helpful in getting me what I needed.  The price of the hands is around €9 per set, or roughly $1.50 per hand(!), which may appear expensive, but the hands are often the part of a figure that attracts the attention.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Figurinitaly for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, AMPS London, 2VP (International)


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