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MJ-Miniatures- US Army 1/35 Tool strap set

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Thursday, February 27, 2020
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Chris Lloyd-Staples

US Army WW2 tool straps


These are going to change the way we detail our models!

Whether it be a Sherman, a Stuart, a Lee or any other American-built tank of WW2, the US army retained tools by running straps through ‘Footman Loops’ welded to the vehicle body.  In most plastic kits, the manufacturer has tried to represent the straps but this is rarely convincing.  These straps are always difficult to accurately portray on a model, and where accuracy matters, modellers have often replaced kit parts with straps made of tape, paper or metal foil, and the task is fiddly and time-consuming.  The buckles are also difficult to represent in scale and to a consistent size and shape.



MJ-Miniatures have produced a product with will completely change how we approach the problem, with sensational 3D printed resin straps of different shapes and sizes.  In the box we have 196 straps produced in incredible detail, and absolutely to scale.  The loops are different sizes, some slightly hanging, others tighter, so that the modeller can select straps for the required tool.  The straps are slightly raised from the resin base, so that a thin blade (I recommend a razor blade) can be slid under the part to release it.  The strap includes a moulded Footman Loop, so if there is one on the model, this must be removed before sticking the MJ-Miniatures item into place.  The tools can be carefully slid into the strap and the job is done! 






Having made a few US vehicles in my time, including a Sherman recently, I can only feel frustrated that I didn't have these 3D printed parts when I was trying to make the straps for tools.   I am reliably informed that leather straps began to be replaced by webbing during  WW2, and these MJ items look to be the leather type with buckles and holes in the straps.

Without doubt, these are simply stunning, and I am certain they will quickly become a default item for modellers seeking the most accurate appearance.  No more bits of metal foil for me, I will use these every time!  I ordered my set by mail-order direct from Korea, and they arrived within days.  MJ has experienced huge demand for these parts, but they are going to be available through local stockists in the future.  At the time of writing, they are available from the website or by contacting MJ by email on  

Very Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to MJ-Miniatures for this review kit.

Reviewed by Chris Lloyd-Staples, AMPS London,  2VP (International)


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