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AMMO by Mig-Solution Book: How to Paint IDF Vehicles

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Sunday, January 12, 2020
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Ron Hoague

Solution Book:  How to Paint IDF Vehicles



I've been following Ammo by Mig Jimenez'  release of their solution boxes with some interest as I thought this was a good way to introduce new modelers to the hobby.  They are a package deal of all the paints, filters, washes and pigments to weather your favorite genre of armor model.  I wish this had been available long ago when I was getting into the hobby and had to search out all the tools and paints I needed!  Ammo has also released a series of books that are a companion to the product boxes that detail how to complete models from varying eras.  They can be found included in the Solution Box or as a separate item.  When I received this book I was somewhat intrigued as I have never built an IDF vehicle so I was assuming this would give some tips on building these specific vehicles.  However, as I have found, while they focus on a particular model from beginning to end, the techniques are more general and apply to many different types of armor.  Its a progressive step-by step of how to paint and weather an IDF vehicle.  

The book is soft cover with 43 pages in full color with captions in French, Spanish, German and English.  One can always expect superior photography and printing from Ammo books and this is no exception.  The quality is tops.  But make no mistake, the purpose of this book besides giving an idea of how to use Ammo products is to sell the products.  

The book begins by giving an overview of the various Ammo products that are used in the build.  




All of the products below can be found in the corresponding Solution Box.  As you can see, this would be a quick way to start your supply of model building products.  




A key for understanding the various icons throughout the book is included. The book focuses on using illustrations and icons instead of a lot of text to demonstrate the techniques.




The book focuses on the build of a Takom Merkava which is a fine kit in itself.  There's a brief description of the history of IDF vehicles and how they have been used to defend  Israel during various conflicts.  




One product that interested me in particular was the new Anti-Slip paste for replicating the textures that have become common on modern vehicles.  The book indicates that this paste will permanently adhere to any surface and can be reapplied if a rougher surface is desired.  I will definitely have to pick some of this up.  




The build progresses from priming, base painting, washes and filters to using pigments to replicate the dust that would be seen on desert vehicles.  It further shows a technique of using Ammo's oil brushers along with pigments.  




Finally, an overall photo of the results able to be obtained by using the Ammo products.  As seen, in skilled hands the results can be great resulting in a good resemblance of the real tank.  




Solution books from Ammo are high quality and worth the money for a beginning modeler or even an advanced modeler.  They contain basic techniques, but also contain information on the proper use of their products.  If Ammo products and vehicles from the Israeli Defense Forces strike your interest, definitely give this a look.  

 Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Ammo of Mig Jimenez for this review sample.  Go to their website for more information: 

Reviewed by Ron Hoague


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