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Tankograd - Feuertaufe Leopard 2

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Sunday, January 5, 2020
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts


Feuertaufe Leopard 2

Walter Böhm

Tankograd Publishing

Tankograd Special No. 5082



An interesting addition to Tankograd Publishing’s continuing line of military vehicle monographs, this volume looks at the introduction into service of the Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank, Germany's and even NATO's, primary tank today. The book covers the Leopard 2 as part of three exercises in the years 1984, '85 and '86 and relates the tank's introduction as part of the overall story of each exercise. All text and captions are in both German and English.


This book is broken up into four main sections: a short introductory section relating how the Leopard 2 was introduced into service including some of the early teething problems and then three longer sections, each dealing with a single exercise.


For those expecting a book exclusively on the Leopard 2, in using the exercises to tell the story, the photo coverage in this book has many shots of other vehicles, both German and from other NATO allies. There are a lot of photos of early '80s NATO equipment here, probably more, in total than there are of Leopard 2s. Also included are maps showing the exercise areas and the various unit movements during the exercises plus a short description of each exercise, what was hoped to be learned and a summary of the results. This book provides a good reference for a lot of Cold War NATO equipment in the field but is of rather less use for someone wanting to research specifically the Leopard 2.


The book itself is in standard A4 size and uses glossy paper throughout. The card stock covers show good views of several variants, and, the images on the inside covers are not duplicated within the book.  


Recommended for those looking for references on late Cold War equipment.

Many thanks to Tankograd Publishing for the review sample.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts 


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