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AMMO- Solution Book - How to Paint WW II German Late

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Thursday, January 16, 2020
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Charles Willis

Ammo by Mig

Solution Book - How to Paint WW II German 


Well the team of AMMO by Mig, seem to get no rest and refuse to take their foot off the gas when it comes to developing new modeling products and, in this instance, printed reference materials for the modeler. This particular title: "How to Paint WW II German Late" is one of the growing number of AMMO publications designed to walk anyone from beginner to advanced, through the painting, weathering and displaying process of armor model building using AMMO by Mig products. In this particular offering which is the fourth Solution Book in the series, AMMO provides modelers with all the info and step-by-step procedures they will need to start producing eye-catching, award winning, WW 2 German late armor models, all in one publication.  Seventy one pages (single-sided) and 16 steps, each clearly identifying each step that includes a paragraph or two in English, French, German and Spanish that describes in brief, but very good detail, the purpose of each step. The A4 size and durable glossy pages will hold up well to repeated page flipping and trips to shopping mall while family members are shopping and the modeler is 'reading' in the parking lot.



The Solution Book wouldn't be complete without a handy dandy one page icon identification chart the modeler will want to refer back to when using this publication as a guide. While most icons are ones we've seen before or with one glance, know what they stand for, there are a few that are relatively new, but easily understood. Icons along with a brief description of the current step, walks the modeler through what's supposed to happen along with very clear and detailed pics each step of the way and what specific products are being used. The icons, pics of the AMMO products used for each step and large, clear pics are all the modeler needs to replicate the process, and while there is some text to explain each step, it's left to a minimum.


Obviously, the Solution Book series by AMMO of Mig are a means to advertise their product line and encourage modelers to try out the AMMO 'system' of painting and weathering models. After having reviewed this product, I went out and purchased two of their oil painter products as I liked the results that were illustrated in this book, so it must have worked on me a bit. But even with all the advertisement for AMMO products, the book is a quality guide to walk modelers through various stages of the painting and weathering process and I suspect those modelers who are returning from a long hiatus away from building would welcome this book since they have lots of questions and much has changed since they picked up a modeling knife.



The step-by-step Solution Book walks the modeler through 16 easy to understand and well-illustrated actions, start to finish to create a real armor masterpiece. In this case, using a King Tiger as the target project. Pics of the completed model are clear and close up so the modeler following this guide will be able to see what their result could resemble. The final result shown in Step 16 shows this 'system' or method was a success. 


Though the Solution Book refers the modeler exclusively to AMMO products throughout the whole 16 step process, more experienced modelers can probably find suitable favorite substitutes for some of the products used throughout this book, and even tweak these steps to their personal linking.


Chipping, AMMO style.  Here the 'sponge technique' to replicate chipping is displayed showing what it should look like when done along with the recommended paint color and the ever present 'chipping' icon.



The Solution Book even covers the smallest of details; the on board tools. Many of the illustrated techniques can be used on vehicles of any era using the appropriate vehicle colors and weathering products for the environment the modeler is attempting to recreate which is an added bonus.


Every step of the way is clearly illustrated with close-up, detailed pics of the completed step, accompanied by a descriptive paragraph or two of explanation, and the ever-present icons to direct which action to take. Yes...even the ever present, ever grungy road wheels. While the modeler may not get the exact results found in the Solution Book, they know the products used and how to use them. So it will just come down to practice, practice, practice.


Adding dirt and debris to the rear deck, complete with close up pics, icons and product pics to guide the modeler along. 


As a nice wrap up to this Solution Book, AMMO displays the completed build and identifies which AMMO products were used and the final result to allow the modeler an opportunity to see what can be achieved.



Like most publications and resources aimed at the armor modeler, AMMO also provides a very good color plate, in this case depicting late war German AFVs. 

Besides, taking the model from Step 1 of priming to the final unveiling, this AMMO publication includes some techniques to get the best of each project. While the Solution Book only illustrates AMMO by Mig products throughout, it should not detract from the value of this book as it does provide modelers with an excellent guide to completing the painting and weathering process for German armor, start to finish and illustrates just one of many methods to complete a build like this. While there are many excellent publishers producing painting and weathering guides, the AMMO by Mig Solution Book series certainly is very good value for the money and one worth checking out. Now if the AMMO team can just squeeze out a Solution Book on WW 2 Soviet armor, then we modelers would be set.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders, especially WW II German armor builders.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for this review product.

Reviewed by Chuck Willis


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