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AMMO by Mig- How to Paint With Oils

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Tuesday, December 31, 2019
Ammo by Mig Jimenez S.L.
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Michael Reeves

AMMO by Mig- How to Paint With Oils

AMMO Modeling Guide


AMMO by Mig has long been a tremendously helpful resource for modelers of all ages and skill levels. I have been watching their videos off and on for years now and have picked up many great tips on painting, weathering, and chipping models of any sort. Oils have always been a bit of a mystery to me-- I have used them with moderate success, but usually sparingly. Dot filtering has been a technique I have enjoyed using. Unless you are careful, it can get messy, and sometimes waiting on the linseed oil to draw out of the paint is a trial for someone of my limited patience. When I saw this timely guide, I knew it was just the thing to reinforce my limited skill set.


ISBN 978-84-17846-08-4

Price- $17.57 or 15,95 Euros

Paperback, 104 pages chock full of step-by-step and finished photos of AFVs, Figures, Dioramas, and Aircraft

Like any good instructional book, things start with a discussion of oil paints and the tools and solvents often used to work with them. Throughout the book, the books' writers use the AMMO by Mig line of Oilbrushers primarily to illustrate the techniques and color shades used for the effects. There is a good overview of the types of brushes used in the process as well which is quite helpful for those just starting out.


The Table of Contents gives us a great look at the overall focus of the books- starting with general techniques such as the difference between filters and washes, and then refining into recreating specific effects such as oil and grease, dirt, dust and mud, and chipping and rust. Following this, there are dedicated chapters on metallics and figures.


In addition to the excellent widespread reference materials in detailing each effect, each chapter goes into specifics of the application on military vehicles, aircraft, dioramas, and terrain. The step-by-steps are thorough and clearly illustrated with the excellent photography we have come to expect from AMMO guides. They even go so far as to tell you how to use the brush most effectively-- up to the movements needed to create the effects (swirling, up and down, side to side, etc.). Any excuses one might have had in regards to not knowing or feeling confidant in your skill set are out the door with this guide.



The book concludes with the chapter on figures which has always been my Achilles. The stages from priming, shadows, something called Chiaroscuro, shading, and highlighting are informative. From close-ups on painting faces, clothing, adding dirt, painting metals and leather, and on and on. The guide breaks the process down in so much detail that anyone can pick up a brush and have a go at it.



All things considered, this is a one stop guide to all things oil painting. I have enjoyed the different variants of the Weathering Magazine for some time now, but this guide makes it easy to find what you need to get started and turn out some effective weathering of whatever you may be modeling. While it is garnered towards the Oilbrushers line, I can see you adapting it to your old tubes of oil paint should you choose to do so. Any way you do it, this book makes it pretty easy and the photos clear up any issues you may have interpreting the techniques.

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders looking to up their game in painting with oils.

Thanks goes out to AMMO by Mig Jimenez for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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