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MMP Books- Wehrmacht in the Mud

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Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Michael Reeves

MMP Books- Wehrmacht in the Mud



Author: Alan Ranger

ISBN: 9788365958549

Price: $25.00

Paperback with 80 pages, 140+ black and white photos

8.3 x 11.7 inches


Casemate sent a rather interesting book along the other day for those mud lovers out there-- Wehrmacht in the Mud gives us a look at something we all may be familiar with in our modeling of Eastern Front region armor. This photo album is No. 19 in the MMP Books "Camera On" series and covers a broad spectrum of different types of vehicles and equipment up to their nether regions in mud. Estimates suggest that nearly as many vehicles were lost to the cold slimy embrace of mud as were lost to enemy action.


What's Inside:

Well...there's mud and lots of it! And there's soldiers looking distressed and helpless standing next to these mud-sodden machines. Soldiers pushing, pulling, and endeavoring to recover machinery that was often in short supply in the Russian wild. In most cases, the photos are clear and almost every one is a spark of inspiration for those looking to place their models in an appropriately filthy environment. There are even some close-ups that ought to give folks some ideas of how  to muddy up those tires.


The book breaks the album up into specific vehicle sections- including tanks and self-propelled guns, halftracks, lorries, staff cars, motorcycles, and horse-drawn artillery pieces. Here are some examples:



Dummkopf-- all the strudel will be gone by the time we get home!



All told, this book is jam packed full of excellent ideas for those looking to place just about any German vehicle or gun deep in the mud. Whether it be spring or autumn, the mud dominantly present during "Rasputitsa" caused all sorts of headaches for the invading Germans. It's no wonder they had a nickname for it- General Mud or Marshal Mud. Whatever it was named, to be sure- it helped prevent the Germans ever reaching and taking over Moscow and helped turn the tide in the Soviet's favor. I heartily recommend adding this album to your reference shelf!

Highly Recommended for anyone interested in the Wehrmacht in Russia and in recreating muddy conditions for their vignettes or dioramas.

Thanks goes out to Casemate Publishing for this review sample.

Reviewed by Michael Reeves, AMPS Albany


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