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Takom- Bergpanzer 2

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Friday, March 20, 2020
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Henry Milton

Bergepanzer 2

Kit Number: 2122

Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: TAKOM

 Bergpanzer two (1)_edited.jpg


For a first look and brief history of the Bergepanzer 2 please follow this link:

Steps 1 through 3

The build starts with the standard lower hull build up. Breakers, shocks and return roller mounts go first. The detail is very good and the mounting points are robust. Return rollers then go on and finally the rocker arms finish out the first 3 steps.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 1_edited.jpg

Bergpanzer two Full Build 2_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 3_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 9_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 16_edited.jpg

Bergpanzer two Full Build 10_edited.jpg

Step 4

This step covers the buildup and addition of the road wheels, idlers and drive sprockets. After build up I kept the road wheels, idlers and drive sprockets off for later painting.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 17_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 19_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 22_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 24_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 25_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 31_edited.jpg

Step 5

Quick step that builds up the mounts for dozer blade and adds them to the hull.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 34_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 35_edited.jpg

Step 6

Step 6 covers the build up of the track runs. I have read some negative comments on these tracks but I had a great experience. Once you clean everything up the runs go together very well. As with all individual link track you will invest some time to get them built up. I worked them up and set them aside for painting.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 36_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 37_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 38_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 39_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 41_edited.jpg


Bergpanzer two Full Build 43_edited.jpg

Step 7

Another quick step to build up and attach the dozer blade. 5 pieces go together well and the mounting is easy.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 54_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 55_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 56_edited.jpg

Steps 8 & 9

Steps 8 and 9 build up the rear plate with its detail.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 58_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 62_edited.jpg

Steps 10 through 21

The upper hull is built up over these 12 steps. Tons of parts all over with great detail. Take your time as the small parts are delicate. The last few of these steps cover the rear deck with highlights such as the spare engine mount and spare road wheel stand.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 71_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 77_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 78_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 79_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 80_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 81_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 82_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 83_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 85_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 88_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 89_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 96_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 101_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 114_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 122_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 123_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 125_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 131_edited.jpg

Steps 22

This step covers the attachment of the upper and lower hull sections.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 132_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 135_edited.jpg

Steps 23 through 27

These steps deal with the tow cables and support arms used by the crane. Build up the mounting points and bars then attach them to the vehicle. This finishes the vehicle. The last steps cover the assembly of the crane.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 139_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 142_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 143_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 146_edited.jpg

Steps 28 & 29

13 sub steps make up step 28 which covers the majority of the crane build. The crane can be built to articulate, great if you want to pose it in action later on. The final step adds the last detail, you can make the cable workable if you so choose. I kept the crane separate for painting. This finishes the build.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 153_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 156_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 157_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 159_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 160_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 164_edited.jpg


Painting and finishing

The instructions offer 6 painting options. 5 of the 6 are West German vehicles, with the last example from the Army of Chile. I chose example 5. This is the NATO tricolor scheme. I primed with Vallejo black and then used Vallejo Model Air NATO brown, NATO green and NATO black, and free handed the camo using an airbrush. Detail painting followed and then an application of clear gloss. The decals were well done and easy to apply.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 166_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 167_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 169_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 171_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 172_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 175_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 176_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 177_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 178_edited.jpg

Bergpanzer two Full Build 182_edited.jpg

A dark wash was worked around the Bergpanzer and then I dry brushed the vehicle using Model Master enamels. This was followed with applying various weathering paints to the tools and cables. The track was painted using Vallejo and AMMO paints and weathering items. I attached everything left off or knocked off during the build and applied Dullcote to the entire build. This finished the project.

Bergpanzer two Full Build 184_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 186_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 188_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 189_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 195_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 200_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 204_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 216_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 219_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 228_edited.jpgBergpanzer two Full Build 231_edited.jpg


The Bergpanzer2 by TAKOM is a fantastic kit. I don’t usually build post WW2 armor but these TAKOM kits are changing that. The detail and engineering are first rate. Modellers of all experience levels can enjoy this kit.  I had a great time with this build and look forward to building other TAKOM kits real soon. 

Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders and lovers of Cold War vehicles.

Thanks goes out to TAKOM for this review kit.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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