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Osprey- Soviet Partisan versus German Security Soldier

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Monday, September 2, 2019
Osprey Publishing
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Henry Milton

COMBAT: Eastern Front:

 Soviet Partisan v German Security Soldier

Author: Alexander Hill

Publisher: Osprey


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The war on the Eastern front was so vast in scope that it is difficult to distill the great patriot war into one text. While scholars have focused on operations like Barbarossa, Kursk and Bagration it is important to understand the other aspects the conflict. This book gives the reader a look at the war behind the lines between security forces and partisans. The area of focus is in the Leningrad/Army Group North sector.

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The text is broken into two sections. The first part covers the various aspects of the opposing sides. Areas such as training and manpower, equipment, firepower, command and control, logistics, tactics and doctrine are all explored. The opposing side had vastly different experiences regarding all of these previously listed factors. The author does an excellent job detailing the contrasts and similarities between the forces.

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The second half of this book covers three battles/operations between the Russian and German forces. These include the partisan assaults at Kolm and Iasski in early 1942 and the German anti-partisan operation, code name “Spring Clean” between 18-22 April 1943. The three battles are detailed through recounting the actions of both sides, the objectives and results and gives the reader an excellent idea of the conditions under which these battles were fought. The index and bibliography close out this fine book.

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The eastern front had many varied and distinctive elements contributing to the outcome. The war behind the lines is one of those elements. This book covers an area of the partisan war that I was not aware of and the historian in me appreciated that. There are enough details and ideas in this book to provide a modeler with some great project ideas. Either way, COMBAT: Eastern Front: Soviet Partisan v German Security Soldier, will make a wonderful addition to your reference library.  

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Highly Recommended for all history buffs and modelers. Of particular interest to fans of the Eastern Front of WW2.

Thanks goes out to OSPREY Publications for this review item.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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