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Value Gear - 1/48 Logs For Sherman Tanks Set #2

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Value Gear
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$5.00 USD
Reviewed By:
Dave Koukol

Value Gear - 1/48 Logs For Sherman Tanks Set #2





During World War II, many Allied tank crews looked for opportunities to increase armor thickness using materials readily available in the field.  One technique for increasing side armor protection was the application of bundled logs to the sides of the upper hull. 

The Product

Value Gear has released a couple of variations of the log side armor appliqués, and this review sample represents the second variation.  Crisply cast in gray resin, log and rope detail is good and seems to be to scale.  Some extremely tiny air bubbles were noticed on some of the logs, but are easily filled with primer, paint, and washes.


The product straight from the package

After a little scraping to remove some thin flash and a quick wash in Westley's Bleche White to remove mold release agent, the logs went into the paint booth for a layer of black primer and Tamiya Medium Gray topcoat.  Mig Dark Brown Wash was then applied and allowed to dry, then followed by Ammo Deep Gray aircraft wash.


Finished log detail


Conclusion and Recommendation

A quick and easy way to add convincing supplemental protection to quarter-scale Shermies, Value Gear's log set is a winner!  I Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Value Gear for this review kit.

Reviewed by Dave Koukol


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