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Tamiya- British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles

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Sunday, April 14, 2019
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51.00 USD
Reviewed By:
Henry Milton


British Tank Destroyer M10 IIC Achilles

Kit Number: 35366

Scale: 1/35

Manufacturer: TAMIYA

 M10IIC Achilles (1a)_edited (2).jpg

The M10 Achilles was a combination of the successful M10 Tank Destroyer design with the highly effective British 17 pounder Anti-Tank gun. The British received around 1700 Late production M10s that they upgraded with their 17 pounder A/T gun creating the Achilles IIC. The Achilles saw action with Canadian, Polish, New Zealand and British units in Italy and North West Europe until the end of the war. The Achilles saw service post war in the Middle East and with smaller European countries.


A close inspection of the parts shows excellent detail. There is zero flash, pins non existent, knock out marks are minor and are placed as not to be seen once the vehicle is built. Seams are almost nonexistent and the plastic is hard but not brittle. By my count there are 439 parts in the box plus polycaps, string and decals. Half the parts are on A/P(suspension/running gear) and the J sprues.  


The kit contains 10 sprues in gray plastic.


Sprue A/P is x2 and contains suspension, running gear and other mirror or left and right parts.

M10IIC Achilles (9)_edited.jpg

 M10IIC Achilles (10)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (11)_edited.jpg

Sprue B contains the lower hull sides and pioneer tools.

 M10IIC Achilles (13)_edited.jpg

Sprue C holds the hull floor, interior parts.

M10IIC Achilles (15)_edited.jpg 

Sprue J, also x2, provides stowage, handles and drive sprockets.

M10IIC Achilles (20)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (21)_edited.jpg

Sprues H and U have parts for the main gun, turret and crew figures.

 M10IIC Achilles (25)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (19)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (27)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (23)_edited.jpg

Sprue K is the 1-piece upper hull.

 M10IIC Achilles (28)_edited.jpg

Sprue S provides the final drive housing.

M10IIC Achilles (30)_edited.jpg 

Sprue AA has the 50cal MG.

 M10IIC Achilles (31)_edited.jpg

Sprue N holds the clear parts.

 M10IIC Achilles (32)_edited.jpg

The rubber band track has really good detail.

 M10IIC Achilles (33)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (34)_edited.jpg

A piece of string for tow cables and polycaps for the gun mount, drive sprockets and return rollers.

 M10IIC Achilles (35)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (36)_edited.jpg

Small decal sheet for two vehicles; One in the Italian theater and one in North West Europe.

 M10IIC Achilles (37)_edited.jpg

The instructions are in Tamiya’s typical layout with 16 pages of guidance and several pages of history. The individual steps are not overly busy and are very clear with detailed positioning guidance to ensure accuracy.

 M10IIC Achilles (2)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (4)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (5)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (6)_edited.jpgM10IIC Achilles (8)_edited.jpg

I have the excellent Tank Power #370 reference, M10 GMC & Achilles,  and using the scale drawings in the book as comparison, the kit appears to be spot on in regard to scale accuracy.

 My first impressions of this latest offering from Tamiya are that they have given us another gem. I will be digging into the build shortly with a full review to follow.


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders pending full build review.

Thanks goes out to Tamiya USA for this review kit.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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