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Value Gear- Tarp Rolls & Crate Stowage #2

Kit Number:
Sunday, March 24, 2019
Value Gear
Retail Price:
25.00 USD
Reviewed By:
Henry Milton

Tarp Rolls & Crate Stowage Bits #2

Kit Number: 11604

Scale: 1/16th-1/20th

Manufacturer: Value Gear

 VG 11604 Big T-C 002_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 003_edited.jpg

I have done numerous Value Gear reviews over the years. The items they produce are fantastic. This set of BIG scale tarps and crates has fine detail, a nice variety of shapes and sizes and, like with all Value Gear, nearly no clean up required. After a visual inspection of the 14 items in this set I cleaned off the excess resin flash.

VG 11604 Big T-C 005_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 006a_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 006b_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 008a_edited.jpg

The parts were then cleaned with rubbing alcohol and scrubbed with a cotton swab. An application of black primer over each piece was followed by base coats of various browns, greens and grays. I added a clear varnish and a wash to the parts.

VG 11604 Big T-C 009_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 010_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 011_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 014_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 015VG 11604 Big T-C 016_edited.jpg

Enamels from Model Master were applied to the tarps and crates to bring out the detail and to create depth and highlight on the stowage. I detailed the straps with some light tans and khakis and buckles with metallic grey. The result is very pleasing.

VG 11604 Big T-C 018_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 020_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 020a_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 021a_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 021b_edited.jpgVG 11604 Big T-C 022_edited.jpg

For those considering a large-scale project, this set of tarps and crates would be a great addition. A Sherman or Panzer IV will pop with this added stowage detail from Value Gear.


Highly Recommended for lovers of big scale armor.

Thanks goes out to VALUE GEAR for this review kit.

Reviewed by Henry Milton


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