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Kalmbach Pub.- Great War Scale Modeling, Building Icons

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Monday, March 4, 2019
Kalmbach Books.
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$9.99 USD
Reviewed By:
Chuck Aleshire

Great War Scale Modeling

Modeling Icons


Kalmbach Media, publisher of Fine Scale Modeler magazine, puts together publications of special interest every so often. This offering is most definitely one such special interest publication, focusing on models of the Great War, World War I. The cover indicates that a nice, wide range of World War I subjects and techniques will be found inside the covers of this magazine.

Speaking of the cover, I was extremely flattered to see that a piece very familiar to me ( yeah, it’s mine...a review build of the very fine Mk V Female kit from Meng ) made the cover, a photo taken at the 2017 AMPS International Show held in Danbury, Connecticut.

Vital Statistics

Format - softcover magazine, portrait format 

Page count -83 semi gloss pages

Size - 8.25” x 10.75”

Photos - color throughout

All text and photo captions in English



As can be seen in the above table of contents, this magazine has a very nice mix of straight-up build articles, how-to articles, subject specific photo galleries, and show photo features. There is a nice variety of armor, aircraft and ship subjects covered, and even some figure work is seen in some of the articles. 

With the exception of the three show galleries at the end of the magazine which cover mixed subjects at those shows, all articles in this magazine are of WWI subjects. The below images are of just some of the interesting articles in this magazine, as this review is by an armor builder intended for an armor-related website, my focus in this review is mostly on the armor content of the magazine. That said, the non armor content of this magazine is of a very high standard as well ( conclusion spoiler alert! ).


Above - Each article has interesting areas of specific focus, such as this article’s description of working with white metal figures. 


Above - this short two page article has some very nice diorama construction tips 


Above - for the shipbuilders out there, a very nice article on WWI battleship construction


Above - Noted author Steve Zaloga contributes an article on a gorgeous dolled up FT-17


Above - terrific groundwork / earth effects dominate the above article on the 1/72 scale build of an exhumed WWI tank


Above - 12 pages are devoted to the WWI photo gallery, a really nice mixed collection of WWI subject photos taken at various shows.


Above - a very nice build article focused on Meng’s German A7V tank.


Above and below - there are three “Builder Basics” articles, where the techniques apply to all types of subject matter, including armor.


Above - these how-to articles are very well described and illustrated


Above - the magazine concludes with three show galleries; 2018 AMPS International and 2018 IPMS Nats., and Wonderfest 2018.



If the above brief descriptions of just some of the contents haven’t made it clear, this magazine is absolutely packed with high quality content. I left several good articles out of my review, in an attempt to keep the review length reasonable. What content that I didn’t cover in the review above, is every bit as good as what I did cover. 

The broad range of article subject matter in this magazine will appeal to just about anyone with any interest in WWI subjects, and the show galleries strike me as a nice bonus. There is really an amazing amount of interesting content in this magazines 83 pages. The photos are very nice, the text and captioning is well done as well.

Price really shouldn’t be a factor when considering buying a magazine with so much good content, but I have to say that at just $9.99, this publication is a terrific bargain.

Highly Recommended ( A “Must Have” for WWI fans )

Thanks to Kalmbach Media for the review copy

Reviewed by Chuck Aleshire, AMPS Chicagoland


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