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MiniArt - 1/35 scale US Army Drivers WWII - First Look

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Monday, January 29, 2018
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US $ 13.00
Reviewed By:
Brian Messier

MiniArt US Drivers 1/35


This is a short review of MiniArts finely manufactured US Army Drivers of WWII. They are presented in a side opening box with highly detailed box art on the front, and assembly instructions and painting guide on the rear. 


The set has five figures in various poses. Four are wearing mechanic's coveralls, and one is displayed in the M1941 jacket and wool trousers with a bicycle pump. The paint guide is one of the more extensive I have seen and I appreciated its simple and effective callouts. The instructions are simple and effective, and assembly is straightforward. 


Generally speaking, the parts are very well molded and free of flash. Each will have two seam lines that require a little attention to clean off, but not so much that it takes very much time. The parts are best glued together with liquid cement, after allowing a little time for the mating surfaces to soften. This will help with avoiding to much filling of seams and makes a strong bond. 


Each of the figures is generally molded on its own sprue set, and all parts are in one spot, a nice touch for building. I was able to cut a single figure out and build to completion without having to worry about chasing sprues for different parts and accessories Once assembled the figures look good and provide another niche group of troops that will be at home on any vehicle or diorama/vignette base. 


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to MiniArt for this review kit.

Reviewed by Brian Messier


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