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Tankograd - Panzer Manover 02 - Panzer Brigade Bundeswehr

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Sunday, October 14, 2018
Tankograd Publishing
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Paul Roberts

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Panzer Brigade

Panzer Manöver 01

Carl Schulze



The second issue in Tankograd’s new “Manöver” series of periodicals, “Panzer Brigade” is a good complement to the first issue, this time dealing with the all the elements of an armoured brigade shown out on exercise. Entirely in German, there is no editorial section. This issue jumps right into the subject at hand, a German tank brigade during Exercise Lippische Rose 2018. In keeping with the previous format, there is very little text apart from the captions of the many, excellent photos. This issue is broken up into six sections organised by the various vehicles/functions in the brigade.

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The first article has the bulk of the text in the magazine and discusses the details of Exercise Lippische Rose 2018. Unfortunately it’s all in German and, except for the few photos, of very little use if you can’t read German.

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The second article is about the Leopard 2A6s that equip the brigade and, as usual for Tankograd, the photos are excellent.

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Next up is an article about the Marder IFVs that equip the brigade, There are good photos of the Marder 1A3s.

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The fourth article depicts various support vehicles attached to the brigade including the recovery and pioneer variants on the Leo 2 chassis.

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The fifth section illustrates the brigades combat support units, including medical and NBC services.

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Last covered is the brigades antitank unit, equipped with the “Heavy” Wiesel TOW vehicles.

Notwithstanding the lack of English text, the photos in this publication are up to Tankograd's high standards and this should be a must-buy for any student of modern German armour.

Highly Recommended.

Thanks goes out to Tankograd Publishing for this review copy.

Reviewed by Paul Roberts

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