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Takom - BV 206S - First Look

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Saturday, September 8, 2018
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Allan Hoffman

BANDVAGN BV 206S w/Interior



   The Hagglunds Bandvagn Bv 206S (Tracked Armored Personnel Carrier)  is the successor to the Volvo Bv 202. Development started for the Swedish army in 1974. Used as a personnel carrier it will carry a driver and 3 fully equipped troops in the forward unit and 8 in the rear unit. The Bv 206 family is capable of operating over difficult terrain, ie: swamps, mud and snow. It is also fully amphibious with the tracks moving it along at 2 mph. Top speed on firm terrain is 34 mph.      

   Power in the Bv 206S is provided by a Steyr Diesel engine rated at 175 hp. Both the engine and transmission are located in the forward unit powering the front tracks with power transferred to the rear tracks via an articulated joint. The 4 track units are identical and fully interchangeable. The wide tracks are rubber with later production using Kevlar. A conventional steering wheel controls 2 servo powered hydraulic cylinders that change the direction of the front and rear units. This vehicle is capable of handling 60 degree grades on a 30 degree slope.

   The unit bodies on the Bv 206 are a composite of fiberglass and plastic. The unit bodies on the Bv 206S are all-welded steel protecting against 7.62 ball ammunition and shrapnel. Windows have the same level of protection. There is a ring mount on the forward cab for a 7.62 mm or a 12.7 mm machine gun. That is a starting point. They have had grenade launchers, TOW missiles and mortars mounted.

   The Bv 206S is air portable when slung under a CH-47 or CH-53. It can also be air dropped by fixed wing aircraft. The Bv 206 family is currently in service in over 40 countries including the U.S. The basic unit in the U.S. Army is designated as the M973 SUSV ( Small Unit Support Vehicle). There are 4 or 5 variants. The Bv 206 is in highly desired by the civilian market when retired from military service.


   First up the instructions, also possibly the first challenge. Printed in A5 (8.3 x 5.28 inches) booklet form they are a little difficult to read due to their size. The assembly sequences are easily read but when you get to the paint call-outs are magnifier will help. “Color info and profiles by MiG Jimenez“ are supplied. There are 33 assembly steps the three color profiles. 


     Schematic of included parts






   Included are 353 parts including 4 vinyl tracks and  18 clear pieces. There is 1 decal sheet. There is is a full interior for both units. Images of the trees follows with brief descriptions. 


“A” includes rear unit seating, hatches and the engine/transmission cover. The sink marks seen are on the back side of the parts.


“B” x 2 has suspension parts, front unit seats and road wheels. For those of you who love road wheels between the 2 trees there are 40 of them.


“C” primarily carries pieces for the drive train, articulated joint and the access door for the rear unit.


This is an unlettered tree that includes both unit floors and more rear unit seating.



The upper cabs of both units.


Front and rear vinyl tracks. The Bv 206S tracks were rubber so these are applicable for a change. The other pieces represent hydraulic lines.


The clear parts


Decal sheet for 3 vehicles:

    Regimiento de Montana, 2002 Spain

    Regimiento de Cazadores de Montana, 2009 Spain

    Regimento de Alpini, 2008 Italy

Final Accounting

   This being an all new tool Takom is to be commended for once again bringing us a non- mainstream subject in kit form. Basic interior components are supplied but I suspect that that some modelers will choose to add additional details. That being said, the interior of the rear unit would only be visible through the rear door unless the builder allows the upper cab to be detachable.  At the risk of jinxing myself I believe this will be a strait forward build. Stay tuned for a full build review.


Highly Recommended for Beginner to Advanced builders.

Thanks goes out to Takom for this review kit.

Reviewed by Allan Hoffman, Indy AMPS


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