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Sabot Publications - M1A2 in Europe 2017

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Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Sabot Publications
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Charles Willis

SABOT Publications


M1A2 in Europe 2017




Well, SABOT Publications really needs no introduction as they have made and continue to make their mark on the armor modeling community and the military enthusiast circles with their jam packed photo reference books. This photo reference publication is no exception. If you never took the opportunity to leaf through a SABOT publication book at a vendor table during a model show or at your favorite hobby shop, you are really missing out on an excellent photo reference tool that should be kept close to the modeling bench or, if one is an AFV enthusiast or historian, perhaps near the favorite easy chair.

In this particular offering, the Strong Europe Tank Challenge in May 7-12, 2017, hosted by the U.S. Army Europe and the German Army is the backdrop for a number of the photos, particularly in the first half of this reference book. So, in this edition, the photos will provide viewers with images of M1A2s in a European environment like Germany, Poland, Estonia along with numerous stateside photos, both in the field and in the 'shop.' Like all previous SABOT photo reference publications, the photos are clear and are accompanied by captions that provide a brief, but detailed description of the photo.


The SABOT publishing team know their business and audience by providing many quality pages of AFV goodness that is sure to appeal to modelers and armor enthusiasts everywhere. Most pages have between 2- 3 photos per page which allows the photographer to show details and markings up close and personal.


Format and Contents:

Cover & Binding: Front and back cover is semi-gloss heavy weight stock

Printed format: Portrait style

Size: 8 1/2 x 11 inches

Text: All text (introduction page and captions) in English

Non-photo contents: 1 sheet of Cartograf decals

Line drawings/color plates: 10 pages of color plates

Photos: Over 125

Page Count: 83

One sheet of Cartograf decals



All photos are clear and usually provide numerous angled views of the same vehicle almost providing a 360 degree view. Many AFV details are captured which increases the value of this book, particularly for armor modelers looking to replicate weathering on an M1A2 in close to combat conditions.


While this publication does not have chapters in the traditional sense of the word, there is organization with Strong Europe Tank Challenge filling the first main section of this publication. The remaining photos in this particular photo reference book include M1A2s in Fort Riley, Kansas, Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany, Estonia and Swietozow, Poland; all which provide a variety of these AFVs in an assortment of operational environments.



Many of the photos show several sides and angles of the same vehicle and various marking which is ideal for armor modelers looking to replicate a particular vehicle.


What walk around publication would be worth anything if it didn't contain multiple photos of details. Due to the nature and breadth of SABOT Publication photos, armor modelers will appreciate them as this book contains many photos of weathered and grungy vehicles in the field as well as photos of M1A2s displayed in different base coats (both green and sand color)  that will help in matching colors. The military vehicle enthusiasts will enjoy this book as it shows the vehicle in a variety of environments and in varying elements and conditions.


Though the 'devil in the details,' SABOT Publications photographers were able to exorcise some demons to get a large offering of clear, detailed and extraordinary photos of the M1A2 in the field and in the workshop. 



Various detailed photos of weapon and optic systems are included and enhance the value and need to have this in one's library.


Shocking!!!! No airbrushing here.



No AFV book or publication would be complete without color plates. Well, SABOT Publications is no exception; ten pages of color plates are included which make a very good color guide nd markings for armor modelers.


SABOT Publications provides a bonus 'surprise' at the very end of the book; a high quality decal sheet by Cartograf for use on that next 1/35 scale project. This decal sheet matches all the color plates contained in this photo reference book.



SABOT's publication team have covered all the bases with this photo reference book by including many photos of the M1A2 in training exercises in the field throughout various parts of Europe and at home in the good ole USA. The photos capture various paint schemes, individual unit markings and crewmen along with these AFVs loaded down with stowage making it a good reference tool for armor modelers.

All photos are crisp, excellent print registering so no misprinted pages, with many angles and vehicle details captured much to the appreciation of modelers and AFV enthusiasts alike. For M1A2 fans, this is a 'must have' in the reference library and is a publication that will be invaluable for years to come.

Bottom line: The next best thing to SABOT Publishing photo reference books, is being there conducting your own walk around of the real thing with your own camera in your own backyard!

Highly Recommended for armor modelers, military enthusiasts and historians everywhere.

Thanks goes out to SABOT Publications for this review sample.

Reviewed by Chuck Willis

AMPS Central Maryland


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