AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

Fellow AMPS Members:

The elections results for 2017 are shown below. We had a single contested position, 2nd Vice President Western Region, which was won by the incumbent, Joe Bevans. All other positions were uncontested. The winners will serve on the AMPS E-Board for a two year term starting 1 April 2017 and ending on 31 March 2019.

Position Name Votes   Result
President      John Charvat 67   Re-elected
2nd Vice-President, US Eastern Region Michael Del Vecchio 63   Re-elected
2nd Vice-President, US Midwest Region Paul Helfrich 60   Re-elected
2nd Vice-President, US Central Region Scott Conner 62   Re-elected
2nd Vice-President, US Western Region Joseph Bevans 42   Re-elected
2nd Vice-President, US Western Region Paul Miles 24    
2nd Vice-President, International Region Chris Lloyd-Staples 66   Re-elected


Thanks go out all the members who voted, for the candidates who volunteered to serve the society, whether they won or not. Please congratulate these individuals when you see them and thank them for stepping up to volunteer in these challenging leadership positions. Remember: AMPS is run entirely by volunteers. There are still many other positions that we need filled. If you are interested in serving the Society in some way, please contact any AMPS E- Board Officer.

Thank you,

Mark Corbett
Secretary/Election Overseer