AMPS is all about armor modeling and the preservation of armor and mechanized heritage.

Fellow AMPS Members, it's that time of year to elect members to the AMPS Executive Board. According to the AMPS Constitution and By Laws:


The Elected Officers are elected to two-year terms on a staggered basis which run from April 1 to March 31. The President, 2VP East, 2VP Central, 2VP Midwest, 2VP West, 2VP International are elected in odd-numbered years while the 1VP, 2VP Canada, 2VP Northwest, 2VP South and Secretary are elected in even-numbered years.


What that means is that in 2017 we will be looking for nominations for the following positions:

  • President: John Charvat ***
  • 2 VP East: Mike Del Vecchio ***
  • 2 VP Central: Scott Connor ***
  • 2 VP Midwest: Pat Keenan
  • 2 VP West: Joe Bevans ***
  • 2 VP International: Chris Lloyd-Staples ***
*** will run for re-election in 2017


Even though the incumbent has declared their intent to run again in most of these positions, all positions are open to any AMPS member in good standing. In order to run for any of the positions described all you need to do is self- nominate or have someone nominate you on the AMPS Discussion group.


The nomination period is open from 9 January 2017 through 28 February 2017. The elections are conducted on the AMPS website during the period 1-15 March 2017, with election results posted on or about 16 March 2017.

If you have any questions regarding the elections, positions or procedures, please contact Mark Corbett, Secretary/Elections Overseer.