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AMPS Masters Honor Roll

An AMPS Master as an Advanced skill level modeler who has won ‘Judge’s Best of Show’ at the AMPS International Convention. These modelers consistently demonstrate themselves to be the very best in all aspects of armor model building. Once designated as an AMPS Master the competition get tougher as Master’s are only eligible to win a gold medal with a score of 29 or higher.
The honor roll of AMPS Masters follows:
1994MeritStephen (Cookie) Sewell 
1994MeritSteve Zaloga 
1994MeritMike McFadden 
1994MeritMark Muller 
1994MeritMark Ford 
1994MeritDan Tisonick 
1994MeritPaul Gaertner 
1995MeritDave Lockhart 
1995MeritDave Kahn 
1995MeritMike Roof 
1995MeritTony Englehart 
1995Best Of ShowKen DavisRNAS Rolls Royce Armored Car
1996Best Of ShowBob CollignonMarine DuKW
1997Best Of ShowDave DeanOpel Radio Van
1998Best Of ShowBob CliftonSemovente SP Gun
1999Best Of ShowMike SigginsGrizzly Combat Engineer Vehicle
1999HonoraryChris Mrosko 
2000Best Of ShowRoger LangeK-5E Railway Gun
2001Best Of ShowLynn KesslerThe Frozen Chosin - Diorama
2002Best Of ShowCharlie PritchettIraqi T-72
2003Best Of ShowJason JenningsC7P tractor with 155mm howitzer
2004Best Of ShowDoug LeeEnd of an Era - Diorama
2005Best Of ShowAlexander DeleonLet's Make a Deal - Diorama
2006Best Of ShowDon BarclayARV Mk1 - Fort Garry Horse
2007Best Of ShowMark HazzardIDF M2 Halftrack
2008Best Of ShowSteve Milstone-TurnerBergpanther
2009Best Of ShowTom JettBuck, M4 HST
2010Best Of ShowMark CorbettSmoke 26, M1059 Smoke Carrier
2011Best Of ShowCesar (Manny) RodriguezSpanish Panzer I
2012Best Of ShowJim WechslerIsraeli Nagmachon
2013Best Of ShowJohn Kesner17cm K. 18 Matterhorn
2014Best Of ShowChris DurdenSpecial Forces LMTV "Warpig"
2015Best Of ShowDavid VickersVictory and Contempt
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