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AMPS Officer Elections 2017
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2017 AMPS Officer Elections - Nominations
1/11/2017 8:07 AM
Posted by Charles Aleshire


The nominating period for the current AMPS Officer Elections is open. Please see the information posted on the AMPS home page regarding this.

For my part, I would like to nominate the current officers who wish to stand for reelection:

John Charvat - AMPS President

Mike Del Vecchio - 2VP East

Scott Connor - 2VP Central

Joe Bevans - 2VP West

Dr, Chris Lloyd-Staples - 2VP International

All of these gentlemen have demonstrated commitment to AMPS, and to the hobby community in general with their willingness to serve. I am proud to be working alongside these gentlemen.

Unfortunately, our present 2VP Midwest, Pat Keenan has chosen not to stand for reelection. My thanks to Pat for his efforts on behalf of AMPS.

This is YOUR society folks, please participate in this election process!


Chuck Aleshire

Replies to this message:

Re: 2017 AMPS Officer Elections - Nominations - Posted by Chris Lloyd-Staples on 1/15/2017 5:50 AM
Well, I would absolutely like to officially 'second' each of these, with the obvious exception of myself!

I am honoured (sorry, honored) to know each of these people, and I am well aware of the huge amount that they do for AMPS and for the hobby as a whole. On my trips to the US, I am constantly impressed with the energy that they give to the Society, and the innovation that they bring.

The steady but strong leadership is just what we need, and particular the ability to work together productively. We have a strong President (of AMPS!) and a strong VP, and the 2VP team are doing a great job. Where current officers remain in post, their valuable experience and insight is something to be cherished.


Re: 2017 AMPS Officer Elections - Nominations - Posted by John Charvat on 1/15/2017 10:51 AM
I would like to second the nomination of Dr Chris Lloyd-Staples, if he is willing to serve another term as the 2VP International. He is a great member of AMPS as well as great representative of the international armor modeling community. I can't say that I always agree with his political leanings but most of the time he is "spot on."


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