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Nov 25Another Great review-Tamiya M40 by Jim "left 100, drop 50" Wechsler....
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Nov 22Re: Rod Bells Passing
Nov 21Re: Rod Bells Passing
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Roderick O'Connor Bell

1961 - 2016

With great sadness we have learned of the passing of our friend Rod due to complications from colon cancer on Nov. 17th. He left behind a loving wife and three daughters, as well as countless friends, including those here in the armor modeling community. Rod was a big man, and his impact on people and things he loved was big. Also notably big was the smile that never seemed to be far from his face.

Rod served AMPS faithfully and tirelessly for many years, including several years as the AMPS Webmaster, while also holding the elected office of 2nd Vice President, Central Region for several years as well. As if this wasn't enough, Rod also spent countless hours behind the scenes at numerous AMPS International Shows doing data entry, assisting the Chief Judge, and ensuring that the all-important competition awards were awarded correctly and on time. This is a huge task, and one that Rod willingly did, year after year, despite the fact that it usually meant he spent very little time actually enjoying the show. It was rare to see him away from his computer back in the judging room, but Rod never complained about it, and Big Tex (as some of us kiddingly called him) did this vital job cheerfully.

Rod's work ethic was just as strong in his other tasks for AMPS. He seemed to be on call for webmaster duties 24/7. Rod once fixed a potentially catastrophic problem for a Reviews Coordinator one evening while shopping at a Walmart, with nothing more than his smart phone. Rod was the prototypical go-to guy, and he did it with good cheer and a smile on his face.

Rod was a huge asset to AMPS; he always showed patience and restraint when dealing with issues, and was a calming presence on the Executive Board. Most importantly though, Rod Bell was simply a genuinely great guy, a friend to a great many people, a gentleman, and one who will be deeply missed. Our deepest and most heartfelt condolences go to Rod's family.

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April 20 to 22, 2017
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